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Kerala is listed in National Geographic Traveler’s Magazine as a must see destinations of life-time in the world. Every year number of travelers come to Kerala from worldwide to get an experience of heaven on earth. Not only that but Kerala is also considered as a best honeymoon destination for couples.

Kerala aka God’s Own Country has its great getaways due to presence of spectacular tourist spots. The magnificent South Indian state is nestled between the Malabar Coast and Aravalli ranges and has no shortage of beautiful spots. There are many remarkable beaches, luxury resorts, hill station wildlife places and backwaters. Spots like Tea Gardens, Chembra Peak and Waterfalls, Houseboats and other highlights that create memorable experiences. Each one of the spots has something special that you would love to bought back to home. The natural beauty and the cultural spots make the outing beautiful especially in the pleasant weather. The best monsoon holiday spots of Kerala are ideal as a getaway for any special occasion and make it a unique experience.

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It’s a human nature as whenever we visits any place in the world we always buy at least one thing from that place as a memory, when it comes to Kerala there are numbers of things we wish to take back to home. Here I have listed some best things to buy in Kerala. So, whenever you happen to visit Kerala, pick below mentioned memorable things can’t found in any other place. Just book a suitable Kerala Tour Package and come back with tons of memories and unique souvenirs.

Best Things to Buy in Kerala

1. Snake boat/Houseboat Models: Top Shop in Kerala

Snake boat models and house boat models in Kerala are a unique attraction as they depict the culture of the state and are a great souvenir for tourists. This models always reminds you the memorable experience of Kerala backwaters. The best souvenir you can buy from Kerala or it could be the best gift to your relatives which brings smile on their faces.

2. Tea & Coffee: Don’t Miss to Buy this in Kerala

Kerala has the best plantations of tea and coffee. Especially Munnar the hill station of Kerala has great production of these beverages. The tea and coffee factories of munnar are a great tourist spot. They offer many packages which cover all these places. During British era due to favorable climate Cultivation of tea and coffee was introduced The hilly terrain of the state makes it suitable for the cultivation of tea and coffee. The tea and coffee plantations of the state are a beautiful sight to behold. The sight of tea bushes and coffee branches in the hilly make for a great view.

3. Temple Paintings:

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The best pieces of paintings in Kerala are available in the temples. Some temples like Shiva Temple, Ettumanoor, Mattancherry Palace, Krishnapuram Palace, Anantha Shayanam painting. The Pallikurup Mahavishnu Temple, Mannarkkad and the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram have the best paintings. Kerala mural paintings and frescos Kerala depict the mythology of Kerala. These are depicted on the walls of temples in Kerala. It is also depicted on churches and palaces. They carry forward the tradition of mural. These paintings are a great souvenir and are available in Thiruvananthapuram Cheppad, Paliekkara, Alappuzha, Thiruvalla and Akapparambu

4. Kerala Handicrafts: Best Things to Buy in Kochi

Kerala has been the best spot for handicrafts especially in brass or bell metal. The state also produces cane and coir products, lacquer ware, ivory works and sandalwood carving. The handicraft stores also offer Kathakali Masks, Wooden Toys, Textiles, Wood Carving etc. The artisans in the state are very skilled and they make the utility items and showpiece made from wood and coconut.  These pieces represent cultural diversity of Indian state Kerala

5. Aranmula Kannadi:

The traditional mirror made from copper alloy is in an oval shape. It has a handle tail. The mirror has its origins much before modern century. Composition of these mirrors kept in secret. Aranmula Kannadi has it’s rich cultural value and considered as a good luck charm. So if you want to give someone best wishes than this would be the best gift you can ever give. Don’t think too much just take it home.

6. Spices: Must buy in Thekkady

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There are many spots in Kerala that have great spice plantations that are a must buy, The best quality spices like cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric are available in Kerala. You can also visit plantations and pluck the spices from there. The spices are available at economical prices. The spices can be carried home, processed and used with a fresh taste and aroma. The best places suggested for buying fresh spices from Kerala are Thekkady, and Fort Cochin.

7. Kasavu Mundu, Sarees, and Dress:

Kerala is famous for handmade saree that have a traditional border. The sarees are purely handmade and is only available in Kerala. These sarees are available in all saree stores and handicraft stores in Kerala. The services and products that are a shopper’s paradise. These sarees are cherished and are considered very traditional also reflect the culture of Kerala. The dresses and Mundu are rich in design also very attractive. This could be the amazing gift if you wants to give to your near one.

8. Banana Chips:

Kerala has very exotic dishes with many varieties of exotic banana chips with the best flavor of coconut oil. The chips are usually made from unripped bananas as well as tapioca, jack fruits potatoes and others. The trip to Kerala is not fulfilled without tasting and buying these banana chips. Since the fruit is available in plenty in Kerala therefore you will find banana chips everywhere.

9. Authentic Jewelry:

All matrimonial functions in Kerala have the best bridal jewelry that is a usual sight and are a great gift that should be bought from the state. The most popular temple jewelry from Kerala is one of the best things to buy from Kerala. An authentic traditional jewelry from Kerala make you center of attraction of any wedding.

10. Coconut and Coir Products:

Kerala is the best place to buy products made from coir. The state has been named after Coconut also called Kera. The state is home to coconut plantations. Every dishes in Kerala have coconut in some form. Many places that have coconut leaves are roof of houses. They are also used as show pieces in houses and coir is also used to make carpets. These are all souvenirs that can be carried home.

These gifts are unique to Kerala and should be definitely bought whenever someone visits Kerala. So do plan to buy these products as a souvenir on your next trip to Kerala. I have given the best 10 things you should buy from Kerala But you can create your own shopping list as per your choices.