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Kerala isn’t a tourist place. It is a destination that lures every Indian and foreigner tourist. From the hills to seashores, sea food, regional food, and historical places the list is endless. Tea plantations, houseboats and spa-massage centers are prime attractions for tourists. Like the renowned places Kochi, Munnar, Thekkedy, Kumarakom etc. Kottayam has its identity. With a long list of places to visit in Kottayam; it welcomes tourists with sheer hospitality and love. The Kottayam tourist places ranges from hill stations, waterfalls, religious places to palaces. Visiting Kottayam would be great between Septembers to February. This write-up will be quick tour to tourist attraction in and around Kottayam.

How to Reach Kottayam?

Kottayam Railway Station (KTYM) is well-connected to all cities of Kerala and major cities in India. However, if you are travelling from outside India; Kochi is the nearest airport to reach Kottayam.

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The state bus service runs several buses to and fro from all the cities in Kerala. The on road distance from below cities to Kottayam is as follows:

  • Alleppey (46 km)
  • Kochi (64 km)
  • Kumarakom (13 km)
  • Thekaddy (108 km) 

Top 10 Places to Visit in Kottayam For Tourists:

Kottayam is one of the best places for vacations & there are many places that you should visit with your friends and family, but here we listed the best tourist attractions spot.

1. Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple:

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple image: Wikipedia

This five hundred years old temple is revered by Lord Shiva. Built by the king of Thekkumkoor the temple’s interiors are decorated with paintings and murals explaining the mythical era. A six inches high Shiv Linga accompanied by a small idol of Goddess Parvati is worshipped here. Aaraattu is the temple’s annual fest.

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Temple Opens 4:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM every day.

Location: HGR9+5FC, Temple Rd, Thirunakara, Kottayam, Kerala 686001

2. Elaveezhapoonchira (ilaveezhapoonchira) – A Beautiful Hill Station in Kerala:

ilaveezhapoonchira - A-Beautiful-Hill-Station-in-Kerala
ilaveezhapoonchira image: Wikipedia

Time to visit the hill station. It lies in the vicinity of Melukavumattom. Three stunning hills viz. Kudayathoormala, Mankunnu, and Thonippara bounds this hill station. Spreads over an expanse of thousand acreages, this place has no trees or plantations. Folklores say that this has been the bathing place for Draupadi.

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Vising Hours: It is recommended to visit here during Day hours. It would take 2-4 hours to take a walk around.

Location: Ilaveezhapoonchira, Kerala 686141

3. Vaikom – A Pilgrimage Venue in Kottayam:

Vaikom - A-Pilgrimage-Venue-in-Kottayam

Time to dig up the history. Viakom was part of an empire named Venmalanadu in the bygone era. The northwestern zone of Kottayam district holds Vaikom. Visiting the Vaikom Shiva Temple is a must on your visit to Vaikom. History marks the significant Vaikom Satyagraha Moment to this place. Vaikom is a peaceful and well-administered place. Ernakulam and Kottayam as very near to the Vaikom.

Location: Vaikom,Kottayam, Zone, Kerala 686141

4. Kottathavalam – Ideal Picnic Place For Tourists:


Let’s visit now to the something exceptional. Kottathavalam is situated over the Murugan Hills at Kurisumala. It is a superb cavern, engraved out of the hills. Seventy kilometers of long drive through mountainous road from Kottayam will lead you here. There are sequences of stone steps that take you to the caves. Each cave has a different story carved on its wall.

Vising Hours: It is suggested to visit here in Daylight. Just about 2-4 hours to walk through.

Location: MV7M+WWV, Unnamed Road, Vagamon, Kerala 686512

5. Marmala Waterfall of Kerala:

Marmala Waterfall image: Wikipedia

Time to witness the waterfall. Marmala Waterfall bids a truly eye-catching and pretty sight to the holidaymakers. It is a decent site for trekking also. The waterfall is about 196 feet in height, falling into a 40-foot profound pond and linking the river on flow down. The thick tropical forest before the waterfall offers a trekking experience to its sightseers. It is about forty-five kilometers from Kottayam Railway Station.

Please Note: Carry light food and drinking water. Wear Trekking Shoes and Watch Your Steps.

Location: Marmala Rd, Vellani, Erattupetta, Kerala 686580

6. Nadukani – Tourist Attraction in Kerala:

Nadukani image: Pinterest

Get ready for a picnic. Nadukani proposes delightful sights of the sceneries enclosed in thick woodlands. Nilgiri Mountains, Muvattupuzha River, mystic valleys, and exciting plant life here make you realize that you are in the Heaven of Earth. Hiring a private taxi or taking the local bus can assist you in reaching here.

Vising Hours: It is advised to visit here in Daylight. Spend about 1-1.5 hours here.

Location: Nadukani, Kerala 686141

7. Poonjar Palace – The Beautiful Heritage Place in Kerala:

Poonjar Palace - The-Beautiful-Heritage-Place-in-Kerala
Poonjar Palace image: Wikipedia

Approximately thirty kilometers away from Kottayam Railway Station; this palace is worth visiting. From chandeliers to palanquin, jewelry boxes, a droni , varieties of lamps, palm leaf carvings, monuments of Natarajand several armaments and figurines make this place beyond beautiful. Don’t miss visiting the replica of Madurai Meenakshi Temple near the Poonjar Palace.

Vising Hours: It is recommended to visit here in Day hours. It would take 2-4 hours to take a walk around.

Location: PHC Rd, Panachippara, Poonjar, Kerala 686581

8. Elaveezha Poonchira:

 Elaveezha Poonchira
Elaveezha Poonchira image: Wikipedia

Elaveezha Poonchira is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kottayam which is surrounded by three hills. There are exquisite waterfalls and secret alcoves in Elaveezha Poonchira, an area dotted with lush greenery and magnificent views. Almost an hour from Kottayam, it is a popular spot for trekkers and picnickers thanks to its terrain.

Location: Ela Veezha Poonchira, Kerala 686141

9. Island Of Pathiramanal:

Island Of Pathiramanal: Image Courtesy

It is one of the best tourist spots in Kottayam. It is situated in Vembanad Lake. Lush farmland becomes a dense forest, and dense forests become paddy fields. In addition to viewing rare birds, swaying coconut palms, and whispering waters, the journey to the impressive island is one of the most thrilling.

Location: Pathiramanal Island ,Muhamma, Kerala 688555

10. Vagamon (Wagamon) Hill Station:


A series of three stunning mounts named Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurismala give an enthralling touch to Vagamon. The quiet environs with unruffled and easygoing gentle wind through the valley make it a seamless site for yoga and meditation. Sited approx. 3937 feet above the sea level Vagamon lures tourists with its pine trees, few waterfalls, eye-catching pastures and more.

Location: Vagamon Hill Station,Thodupuzha, Pala, Kerala 685503

That is the list if you are planning to visit Kerala? Surely you should explore more amazing things in Kottayam. So what are you waiting for? Call your travel operator now to book your tour package.

Let us know which one interest you the best and which one you enjoyed the most.


What is the famous of Kottayam?

Kottayam is famous for its picturesque backwaters, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

What to buy from Kottayam?

You can buy traditional Kerala spices, handloom textiles, and local handicrafts from Kottayam.

Where is the best place to visit in Kottayam?

The best places to visit in Kottayam are Kottathavalam, Nadukani, Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple etc.