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Winter Vacations!!! The December; Christmas and New Year 2022 celebrations are on their way. After working hard throughout the year we all wish to rest in the last few days of the year and welcome the New Year with a refreshed mind and full of energy. Everyone wants to spree and coddle in scores of fun and so, many of us plan to visit Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, and abroad for making the annual holidays unforgettable celebrations. Most individuals love to a slap-up meal in the holidays at interesting places with fun, romp, get-together, music, and sparklers. The enthusiasm grows when you have a spectacular location to celebrate with an exhilarating crowd. So, how about leaving Goa, Delhi, and Mumbai this time for celebrating the New Year in Kerala?

Right from fanciful Kerala beaches to imposing mountains and enthralling city gatherings, Kerala offers so much pleasure that you would not dare to miss a moment of it. Kerala has some amazing places which tourists can visit throughout the year and can experience true traveling. December scripts the commencement of winters in Kerala. The average extreme temperature is 32˚C while the average least temperature is 23˚C in December. Hence, the weather is suitable for partying on beaches, fishing, and spending time on houseboats.

Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2022 in Kerala

#1 Cochin Carnival

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This carnival is organized annually throughout the last two weeks of December in Fort Kochi by District Tourism Promotion Council. It ends on January 1 of the coming year. It officially starts with upraising the carnival flag at the Vasco da Gama Square. A colorful and enormous parade on the 1st of January, led by elephants in ornamental accouterments is the best part of the carnival. You can also enjoy the North Indian dances while watching the parade. A blend of various cultures like Anglo Indian, Arab, Dutch, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalee, Portuguese, and Punjabi can be witnessed as well. To engage the people around; various competitions like Beach Bike Race, Beach Football, Boxing, Bullet Race, Cycle Race, Kayaking, Marathon, Swimming, and Wrestling are commenced. Several art shows, food fiestas, vibrant rallies enhance the festive essence of the carnival. The carnival is intended to promote Participation, Peace, Progress, Adventure, and the Environment. Kochi is adorned with white paper flags.

#2 Munnar – Kashmir of South India

munnar hill station

5200 ft. above sea level, Munnar is not merely a hill station but a place of exploration as well. The pure natural beauty is found here at its peak. It has lagoons, peaks, tea estates; seldom found bio network with parks to appease you from the deafening, prompt, and disorder of metro life. The atmosphere here is cool and refreshing. It would be a great start for the New Year far away from the hustle-bustle of city life. You can find a complete list of places to visit in Munnar we have published earlier.

#3 Spend Evening in Kerala Houseboats (Alleppey / Kumarakom)

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houseboat Kerala For French Tourists

How about welcoming the New Year in the open air under the blue sky in the company of stars and moon? Isn’t the idea is amazing? Yes, make the New Year evening the most memorable in the houseboats of either Alleppey or Kumarakom. Widely known as the “Venice of the East”, take a voyage to beautiful paddy fields. Food would be served on the boat. Exceptional Kerala dishes are served as starters. If you are having limited time, you can also opt for a day trip on a houseboat that usually runs between 12:00 Noon to 5 PM and will take you through the amazing canals in Alleppey.

#4 Kochi – Queen of the Arabian Sea

kochi-city Image Source: Wikimedia

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Planning your New Year celebrations in Kochi aka Cochi is another good idea. You can plan to join the party in Kochi Fort. The city offers a vintage look these days. Fort Kochi is the center of all celebrations taking place in the New Year Carnival. Kochi is correspondingly a center for Keral-ian art forms and one among the best places to see Kathakali and Kalarippayat. Kochi has many places which tourists can explore during their visits like churches, temples, museums,s and many more.

#5 Trivandrum – Capital of Kerala


What if instead of celebrating the New Year with a party on the beach you opt to visit the temples to seek blessings from the Gods? Indeed a traditional way of beginning the New Year with religious zeal.  Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandrum is the capital city of the state. It is famous for the most wealthy and famous temples around the world. There are a few of the famous temples of Kerala are there in Trivandrum like Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Sreekanteswaram Temple, Venkatachalapathy Temple, Mithrananthapuram Trimurti Temple, and a lot more would make your New Year a prosperous one.

#6 Varkala Beach

Varkala beach in Kerala

Another destination to celebrate New Year in Kerala would be Varkala Beach. It is considered among the best beaches in Kerala. Enjoy and relish the moments of Sunbathing, Water Surfing, Boat Riding, and various Water Sports. It is here you can have the genuine, Kerala Ayurvedic Massages and get to know the best of Meditation, Yoga, and Spa. This would be a great idea to celebrate the New Year in a soothing and fun-filled way.

#7 Beach Resorts

varkala beach kerala

The resorts found at the beaches are the finest place to stay and celebrate the New Year with family and friends. Many of these beach resorts offer you sea-facing balcony rooms with various other amenities at reduced rates. To add to your amazement these beach resorts are all equal to 5-star hotels of metro cities. Almost every beach resort in Kerala plans for the New Year Celebrations by organizing parties having indoor games, performing arts, recreational activities, and so on…

A Quick Wrap Up!

The evening of 31st December 2021 and the morning of 1st January 2022 are special for everyone. Who would want to welcome the New Year 2022 with a routine daily life? Hence, this time when you plan for New Year celebrations, take this article into consideration. Make a change to the celebrations and plan to Kerala’s new year trip.