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Jatayu Earth Centre is located in a small village called Chadayamangalam in Kollam (Quilon) District is one of the most awaited viable tourism destinations in Kerala. This is the first cooperative work by the Tourism Department of Kerala and Mr. Rajiv Anchal (who is the mastermind and promoter) accompanied by private valuation holders to make the destination, which is an inimitable blend of all features of tourism including adventure, mythology, history, nature and beauty in the serenity.

Jatayu Earth’s Center History and Importance:

It’s assumed that this is the place where – Jatayu, a demi-god of Hindu epic “Ramayana” having the form of a vulture, fought with Ravana – multi-headed demon king of Lanka (now Sri Lanka) to prevent the kidnapping of Goddess Sita, and got slain off one of his wings. It is believed that Jatayu fell somewhere near the tiny Kerala village named Chadayamangalam. The statue of Jatayu is a giant sculptor of eagle idolizing this lesser-known warrior who fought and lost his life in his attempt to preserve righteousness.

About Jatayu Earth Centre – Myth, Timings, Tickets, Near Places, Things to Do, & How to Reach:

About  Jatayu Earth Centre - Myth, Timings & How to Reach
Image Source: DNA India
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Jatayu is considered as the personification of Courage and Loyalty. Endangering his life, he attempted his best to save Goddess Sita from her kidnapper.

Jatayu death
Image Source: Issha

Therefore, the Jatayu statue stands as a soaring honor to women’s security and uprightness

Jatayu also signifies a former age when human beings, animals, birds, and other living forms were concerned for each other and survived peaceably on this Earth. Every visitor at Jatayu Earth’s Center is entreated to comprehend and outdo the inner meaning of this inspirational design.

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Jatayu Earth Center includes 4 hills considered to be developed for tourism. This includes Jatayu Rock Hill, Adventure Rock Hill, Elephant Rock Hill, and Kitchen rock Hill. Each hill has its own importance. As of now only two ie Jatayu rock hill and Adventure rock hill are fully developed for tourism purposes.

Jatayu Earth Center Timings:

  • Jatayu Earth Centre Opening and Closing Time is 10 am to 5 pm every day

Jatayu Earth Centre Ticket Price:

  • Entry Fees: 400 Rs. Per Person + Tax
  • For Adventure activities, Trekking & Paintball – 1000 Rs. to 3500 Rs.

Places to Visit Near Jatayu Earth Center:

  • Jatayu Kodanda Rama Temple
  • Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple
  • Kudukkathu Para
  • Malamel Temple Paara
  • Kadakkal Devi Temple

Things to Do in Jatayu Earth Center:

1. Jatayu Sculpture: Take a look at the huge Jatayu sculpture, one of the world’s largest bird sculptures. It sits on top of a hill, providing amazing views of the landscape around it.

2. Cable Car Ride: Take a cable car ride to reach the hilltop where the Jatayu Sculpture is. Enjoy the views during the cable car ride.

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3. Adventure Activities: At Jatayu Earth’s Center, you can have fun with exciting activities like rock climbing and rappelling.

4. Nature Walks: Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful nature around Jatayu Earth’s Center.

5. Ayurvedic Village: Learn about traditional Ayurvedic practices at the Ayurvedic Village in Jatayu Earth’s Center. They offer wellness programs, spa treatments, and herbal therapies for you to experience and enjoy.

6. Jatayu Nature Park: The place has a nature park with lots of greenery and water. It’s a calm spot for a family picnic or a peaceful getaway.

7. Helicopter Ride: Some locations offer helicopter rides, providing a unique and breathtaking aerial perspective of the landscape.

8. Cultural Programs: Find out if there are any cultural events at Jatayu Earth’s Center. This might include traditional dances, music shows, or other cultural activities.

9. Photography: Take pictures of the beautiful scenery and the special design of Jatayu Earth’s Center. There are many great spots for photography at the site.

10. Visit the Ramayana Theme Park: If there’s a Ramayana theme park there, check it out to learn more about the story and characters from the epic.

How to Reach Jatayu Earth’s Centre:

Image source: Munni of all trades

Chadayamangalam where jadayupara is located is accessible from major cities and tourist destinations of Kerala. Below are the details of how one can reach this place.

By Train:

There are three nearest Railway Stations from where one can reach Chadayamangalam

  • Kottarakara railway station is the nearest and easily accessible which is 22 km and it may take 30 mins by road.
  • Quilon (Kollam) railway station is the nearest railway station which is 43kms and it may take an hour by road to reach.
  • Trivandrum Rly station – 52 km; Aluva Railway Station (before Ernakulam Railway Station), Coimbatore Railway Station, and Madurai Railway Station.

By Air:

Trivandrum is the nearest airport which is 52 km and may take an hour to reach the place by road.

By Road:

Jatayupara is located approx 200mtrs from Trivandrum – Kochi highway.

Jatayu Earth Centre Google Map Location:

About Jatayu Earth Centre Four Hills:

As mentioned earlier, Jatayu Earth Center is consisting of 4 hills. let’s get detail about all four hills

1. Jatayu Rock Hill – Statue of Women Safety and Honour:

Image Source: luxurymice.com

This rock hill is located at the height of 1000 feet from sea level. length of this world’s largest bird sculpture is 200 ft., width is 150 ft and height is 70 ft. There is an audio-video museum, multi-dimensional theatre inside the sculpture.

There is a facility of cable car to reach out at the hill top. Rama temple and rain water reservoir on the hill top is another attraction of Jatayu rock hill.

2. Adventure Rock Hill – Ideal Spot for Adventure Seekers:

Adventure Rock Hill - Ideal Spot for Adventure Seekers
Image Source: News 18

Adventure rock hill is having different adventure activities and it takes a full day for the same. Here, adventure activities are held by following international standards of safety. The pain ball station is a unique feature of this hill. It is spread across the large natural territory.

There is a safe forest where you can do trekking for one hour. Major activities at adventure hill are,

  • Rappelling
  • Archery
  • Zip-line
  • Rifle shooting
  • Chimney Climbing
  • Valley Crossing
  • Rifle shooting
  • Log walking
  • Jummering
  • Bouldering
  • Commando Net

Note: Jatayu earth Center is having a separate package for adventure activities which start in the morning and end in the evening along with lunch and evening refreshments included.

3. Elephant Rock Hill – A Hill With Night Camping Facility:

Elephant Rock Hill - A Hill With Night Camping Facility
Image Source: News18

This hill has a 250-meter long Zip-line zone. Major activities at elephant rock hill are campfire, Sky cycling, Moonlight dinner for the family with live music, live kitchen, etc. This hill provides the best opportunity to be a part of forestation.

4 Kitchen Rock Hill – An Outdoor Paint Ball Station:

Kitchen Rock Hill - An Outdoor Paint Ball Station
Image Source: News18

At the Kitchen rock hill, you will find Siddha rejuvenation. It is located in natural caves with accommodation facilities. There are varieties of plants in the herbal garden. Heli taxi service is available at this hill. By visiting this hill, you can be a part of the preservation & protection of the natural ecosystem.

You can also book a Jatayu earth centre visit on the official website: Jatayu Earths Center

Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park At a Glance:

Include Jatayu Earth Centre Visit in Kerala Tour Package

Most of the tourist who is coming to visit Kerala is arriving and start their Kerala tour from Kochi which covers Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam, Trivandrum and finally either going back from Trivandrum or Kochi.

Chadayamangalam is located in between Alleppey and Kovalam / Trivandrum on the MC roadside and it’s easy for them to visit the statue. Those tourists who are not visiting Kovalam/Trivandrum, but going back after Alleppey, it’s easy for them to visit this as it takes 2 hours drive from Alleppey to reach Chadayamangalam.

Having said that, visiting Chadayamangalam or including Chadayamangalm in the tour package is easy and one should visit this architecture.


What is Jatayu Earth’s Centre famous for?

Jatayu Earth’s Centre is famous for housing the world’s largest bird sculpture, representing Jatayu from the Indian epic Ramayana and offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes in Kerala.

What is Jatayu Earth’s Centre ticket price?

The entry fee is Rs. 400/person and for adventure activities, you have to pay Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3500. It varies up on activities like trekking and paintball.

Which is the nearest airport and train station to Jatayu Earth’s Centre?

The nearest airport to Jatayu Earth’s Centre is Trivandrum International Airport (Thiruvananthapuram), approximately 52 kilometers away. The nearest major train station is Kollam Junction, located around 43 kilometers from Jatayu Earth’s Centre.

What is the best time to visit Jatayu Earth Centre?

The best time to visit this tourist place is during the winter months from October to March. Avoiding the monsoon season is advisable to fully enjoy outdoor activities and attractions.

Why is Jatayu called the Earth center?

Jatayu is a character from Hindu mythology, found in the epic Ramayana. He’s a brave and loyal eagle. In the Ramayana story, Jatayu tries to rescue Sita, Rama’s wife, from the demon king Ravana but unfortunately loses the battle. Despite this, Jatayu’s sacrifice is highly respected in Hindu mythology.