Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Are you Looking to make your honeymoon memorable? Want to explore the best destinations of Kerala during your honeymoon tour. Srees Tours will provide the best & affordable Kerala honeymoon tour packages for your unforgettable journey.

Honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. It is the journey of two souls who are trying to understand each other completely and that is the reason it should be a complete package of joy, romance, adventure, and excitement. Just answer one question.

Kerala offers diverse destinations that will offer you a memorable honeymoon holiday trip. Kerala is a honeymooner’s paradise when compared to other destinations within India.


Srees Tours is committed to giving you all the details about which destination is the best, which package is the best, and all other information that is definitely required for honeymoon couples before they choose a destination. Srees Tours offers various Kerala honeymoon packages for couples that would take you to the beaches, houseboats, wildlife sanctuaries, and hill stations, all at one go.

Avoid visiting from March to June as due to summer, waterfalls would be unavailable. You would be made available houseboats and tree houses to stay and cherish the moments of your honeymoon period. Trekking and Safari are included as well.

Kerala Honeymoon packages for couples offered by SreesTours are economical and made keeping in mind the interests of Indian couples. Srees Tours takes every care to make your honeymoon stress-free and enjoyable. Various packages like the Kerala backwater package and include a visit to Munnar, Kumarakom Backwaters, Alleppey Houseboats, Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, Kovalam Beach, Waynadu Hills, Marari Beach, Athirapally Waterfalls, Vagamon Hills, and Bekal Beach.

What Kerala Offer for Honeymooners


If we talk about what is Kerala offering for honeymooners, first we need to look at what is not available in Kerala or what is the advantage of Kerala for Honeymooners.

  • This is the only destination where multiple experiences are available. Just for example, if you choose Manali, Shimla, or Kashmir, you will get only cold hill stations.
  • If you choose Goa, then only beaches. Comparing to other destinations, Kerala offers multiple experiences like Munnar (hill station), Thekkady (semi hill station and wildlife also), Backwater houseboat, and Beaches. Therefore, Kerala is the only place where you can have multiple experiences.
  • Room Prices with Quality. You can compare Kerala with any other state, the room prices are cheaper than other states.

Which are the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala?

Before finalizing a package, we need to understand which are the best destinations suitable for Honeymooners. As mentioned above, though Kerala offers multiple experiences, which are the best destinations Honeymooners will choose? Kerala offers Hill Stations, Backwaters, and Beaches. A combination of all these destinations will surely give a romantic and memorable honeymoon trip in your lifetime.

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime experience and what is better than Kerala to have such an amazing experience. Select wisely the best suitable Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages.

Top 4 Hill Stations In Kerala

One of the best destination in Kerala to spend their honeymoon are hill stations. Most of these hill stations are located in western ghats and give a good climate for the lovers. Below are the four best hill stations in Kerala

1.Munnar – Kashmir of South India


Undoubtedly Munnar stands No 1 compare to all other destinations in Kerala. Munnar offers the best climate, greenery as most of Munnar is tea plantations and forest and best honeymoon cottages at affordable price available compare to all other destinations.

2.Vagamon – Famous Picnic Spot in Kerala


Vagamon offers the best climate and greenery, which stands No 2 compare to all other destinations in Kerala.

3.Thekkady (Periyar)- Popular Tourist Spot in Kerala


Though Periyar is a semi-hill station, this is also called Periyar National Park. It offers a cool climate and forest, during summer the temperature will go up to 30cs. Therefore it stands No 3 compare to all other destinations in Kerala.



Wayanad is in North Kerala and cannot connect with Munnar, Thekkady, and Alleppey. It’s a semi-hill station with a cool climate and greenery. The temperature will go up to 30c during summertime.

Top 3 Backwaters in Kerala

Kerala is famous for its criss-cross canals, rivers, and backwaters in Kerala. Below are the best and top 3 backwater destinations in Kerala.

1.Alleppey Houseboat – Best Tourist Destination in Kerala

Staying in a houseboat is a lifetime experience either for honeymooners or a family with children. For honeymooners, this is not avoidable therefore stands at No 4.



Believe it or not, Kumarakom is one of the best destinations for Honeymooners as it’s a calm and quiet place. You can spend more time with your better half than any other destination as in all other destinations, there are many activities included. This is the best location for those coming just to relax without any activity.

3.Kollam (Quilon)


It is located a little far off from Alleppey and it’s near Trivandrum. This is also one of the calm and quiet places in Kerala, where, honeymooners will enjoy.

Top 5 Beaches in Kerala

Kerala Beaches are always a honeymooner’s paradise. Kerala is basically a coastal state and has many famous beaches which give honeymooners a memorable and enjoyable trip of their lifetime. We have rated below beaches not based on too many people visiting but considered quality beaches with less crowd so that the honeymoon couple should not be disturbed.

1.Poovar Beach – One of the Cleanliest Beach in Kerala

Poovar-beach-one-of-the-Cleanliest Beach in Kerala

Poovar beach is located 42kms away from Trivandrum Airport and 26kms from Kovalam beach. The main advantage of this beach is that no local people or fishermen are visiting this beach frequently.

2.Marari Beach – Lesser-Known Beach in Kerala


Marari beach is located very close to Alleppey backwaters. It’s a fishermen’s village and very limited guests visit this beach. The beach is not idle for swimming due to undercurrents.

3.Varkala Beach


Varkala beach is located between Alleppey and Trivandrum and this is one of the best beaches where you can swim easily. This is more crowded with foreigners than Poovar and Marari beach.

4.Kovalam Beach – must Visit Beach in Kerala


One of the famous beaches in Kerala. Lots of eateries, swimming, and beach activities are available here. Always crowded with people, you may not find a place where you can sit for some time.

5.Cherai Beach

Cherai beach is located near Kochi airport is a good fisherman beach. There are many resorts on the beach itself available. There are no many beachside restaurants available as well as facilities also limited. The beach is idle for swimming.

We have given about destinations you can visit during your honeymoon trip. Now how should you plan this? Most people blindly booking a 7 days tour from Kochi to Kovalam beach not knowing where to stay two nights and how to cut short the duration of road travel.

The first and most important thing about road travel in Kerala that the average speed of a small car is just a maximum of 50 km or less. Therefore, connecting all destinations with limited days of the tour is not a good honeymoon tour.

We always recommend having a good and relaxed honeymoon tour than pack and unpacking every day, visiting all the bridges and trees finally at the end of the trip, you may find that you had no time or very little time together with your better half.

By the time you realize this, you might have boarded your return flight. Therefore plan a honeymoon in such a way that you get maximum enjoyment and pleasure and a memorable honeymoon tour of Kerala in the lifetime. Please look at the below important points before selecting the destinations.

  • If you are planning a short duration of 6 days it is advisable to skip Varkala, Kovalam, and Poovar beach as it’s too far off.
  • If you still want to cover Kovalam or Poovar beach, try to book your return flight from Trivandrum. Kochi airport is a 6-7 hours drive from your last destination.
  • Try to stay a minimum of two nights in each location.
  • If you want to have a relaxing honeymoon and want to visit all the good destinations of Kerala, you need to plan a trip for a minimum of 8 days.

Which are the Best Honeymoon Tour Packages in Kerala?

Srees Tours, pioneers in designing and executing Kerala Honeymoon tour packages have given all valuable information to you. Now it’s time to plan the trip with the best destinations in Kerala.

To find out the best honeymoon package in Kerala, we need to understand how many days a guest can spare for their honeymoon. Based on the number of days in hand, honeymooners can choose either of the below packages.

Best Weekend Honeymoon Package

The weekend  Kerala honeymoon tour packages are for those couples who do not have much time to spare. Since the weekend honeymoon package is planned for 2 nights and 3 days, just one or two destinations can be covered in this package. Below are the top 4-weekend honeymoon packages in Kerala.

  1. Munnar Weekend Honeymoon Package. Check the detail
  2. Kumarakom and Alleppey Houseboat Honeymoon Package. Check the detail
  3. Kumarakom and Cherai Beach Honeymoon Package. Check the detail
  4. Poovar Weekend Honeymoon Package. Check the detail

Best 4 Days Kerala Honeymoon Packages

For those who have a little more days to spend for their honeymoon in Kerala, 3 nights and 4 days package is idle which can cover two destinations. Below are the best two packages of 3 nights and 4 days.

  1. 3 Nights and 4 Days Munnar and Houseboat Honeymoon Package. Check the detail
  2. 3 Nights and 4 Days Kumarakom and Cherai Beach Honeymoon Package. Check the detail

Best 7 Days Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

Seven days package can cover a minimum of three to four famous destinations in Kerala. Below are the best two 7 days Kerala honeymoon holiday packages from Srees Tours.

  1. 7 Nights 8 Days – Munnar – Kumarakom – Houseboat – Kovalam Check the detail
  2. 5 Nights 6 Days – Munnar – Thekkady – Houseboat – Cherai Beach. Check the detail

9 Best Useful Tips for Kerala Honeymoon Tour planners

  1. Believe it or not, if you book your hotels through Kerala local tour operator, it will be cheaper than online portal rates. We have already published an article about this. Please read – How to Get Discount on Resort and Hotel Booking in Kerala? [Lesser Known Fact]
  2. Whether you are on a low budget or high budget, choose a room that has great views. For example, some of the Munnar resorts offer great view rooms. Just inform your tour agent that you need the best view rooms. We have already published an article about – Where To Stay In Munnar. Must Read – Best 4 Star Resorts in Munnar (Kerala) – Does Your 4 Star Resort is Really 4 Star? Know-How!
  3. Do Not Spend too much on a room with a private pool villa in hill stations unless it offers you a hot water pool.
  4. Even if you are on a low budget, there are many resorts that offer independent cottage at a cheaper price.
  5. DO NOT BOOK a sharing Houseboat in Aleppey or Kumarakom. This will surely spoil your honeymoon.
  6. Try to include a FREE CANDLELIGHT DINNER in hotels if you are booking the room with B/F and Dinner.
  7. Connecting destinations in Kerala make a minimum of 3 or 4 hours of road travel. Therefore, try to stay a minimum of two nights in each destination so that you can spend more time with your better half rather than you pack and unpack every day.
  8. Kerala offers different category rooms like independent cottage, room with bathtub or Jacuzzi, private pool villa, and Tree House. Try to include these combinations while choosing rooms that give you some romantic and unforgettable time with your better half.
  9. If you are booking through a travel agent, make sure the agency is accredited with Kerala Tourism. An accredited agent is more responsible than an agency that does not have a registration.

(Important Note – Select a travel agent and check TRIP ADVISOR reviews about the particular agent from previous guest reviews.)

This was a complete walk-through for beginners planning their honeymoon in Kerala. Now you first need to jot down the number of days you have available and what all places are you interested to visit as per priority. After that, any time you can get in touch with us by calling us, emailing us, or filling up the inquiry form and we will be happy to assist you further.

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