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Kerala, regionally known as “Keralam”, is a state in south west India on Malabar Coast. It is the twelfth largest state of India with its fourteen districts. It is well known for its heavenly beauty and nature that is why it is also known as “God’s own country”. Here are the top 8 relaxing and fun activities to do in Kerala.

#1 Enjoy Houseboat Journey in Kerala Backwaters

kerala houseboat

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Kerala houseboats in backwaters are one of the beautiful tourist attractions all over the world. While standing at the deck of the Kerala houseboats, you can enjoy the gentle blowing breeze from backwaters of Kerala. Kerala is enriched with 44 rivers, inland waterways, lakes and there are lots of Backwaters with floating houseboats. These houseboat rides and stay in Kerala backwaters are not quite expensive. Kumarakom backwaters Ashtamudi, Vembanad and Alapuzzua backwaters are few of the famous backwaters for houseboat rides and stays.

#2 Ayurvedic Treatment in Home of Ayurveda – Kerala

kerala ayurvedaHealth tourism is one of the most promoted tourisms in Kerala. This state is known for its various Ayurveda techniques to cure old dieses and health issues. Ayurveda originated 3000-4000 years back. If we break the word Ayurveda we get “Ayur” which means life and Veda which means knowledge, so Ayurveda is knowledge of life. There is a reputation of Kerala in India and in abroad as a hub of Ayurvedic Treatments, most of the people call it Home of Ayurveda. Kerala’s pleasant climate makes medicinal herbs to grow in abundance giving rise to various Ayurvedic Treatment centers. From a simple body massage to natural treatment for medical problem you can get anything which you want for yourself or for your family.

#3 Celebrate Colorful Traditional Kerala Festivals

kerala peopleKerala is rich in folklore and rituals too. It’s tradition has been preserved in forms of dance, art and colourful Kerala traditional festivals. There are many boat races conducted all over the state. Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race, Champakkulam Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, AranmulaVallamkali are few imminent boat races of Kerala. Pooram, Thiruvenom, MannarasalaAyilyam, ParapalliGajamela and patayani are others traditional festival of Kerala.

#4 Photography in Munnar Hill Station

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munnar hillstation keralaMunnar hill station is one of the most famous hill stations of Kerala and south India.It was once used to be the summer hill station for British. Anamudi of this hill station is the highest peak in south India. People come from everywhere around the world to Munnar hill station to explore and relax. Tea, cardamom and coffee plantation in here makes it a photogenic place. Pothmedu is a place 6 km away from this place which offers you to see all these plantations together. Pallivasal of Munnar hill station is the first sight of hydro-electricity project in Kerala; it is full of different scenic beauties. Lock heart gap ,a place 10 km away from Munnar hill station is place which gives you opportunity to experience adventure, thrill, trekking. The panoramic view of Lock heart gap makes it a must visit place of Munnar hill station.

kerala tour packages#5 Visit Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries

elephant ride in kerala
Kerala as a state is very rich in biodiversity with its five national parks, thirteen wildlife sanctuaries. These wildlife sanctuaries and parks offer a unique chance to experience nature and wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife sanctuaries like Neyyar, Periyar, Chinnar, Eravikulam national park are very popular among tourist.

#6 Taste Spicy Food of Kerala

Kerala is very popular for its food and cuisine. The mouth-watering seafood delicacies and coconut flavour makes the cuisine of this place stand apart from others. Rice, sambar, aviyal, pachadi, olan, rasam, paddadam,   puliyan, kuttukari, kalan, Injikkari, kichadi, parippukari,raita, two or three types of deserts and payasam make up the main course of Kerala cuisine.Ilayappampazham-pori/ethakka-appam, kozhakkattaUnniappam and churuttu are few sweet dishes which are well known and demanded in Kerala.

#7 Do Some Adventurous Thing in Kerala

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paraglidingIf we talk about the most happening place in terms of adventure in India, Kerala is one of them. Kerala provide fantastic opportunity to satisfy one’s urge for adventure and thrill. Paragliding Aquatic sports and wildlife treks are the most sought adventure activities in Kerala. So if you visit Kerala then get off the tourist trail and do try some of these adventurous activities in Kerala.

#8 Keep calm at Kerala Waterfalls and Beaches

varkala beachTourist visiting Kerala spends hours in gazing the mesmerizing beauty of waterfalls of Kerala. Vazhachal, Thusharagiri, Palaruvi, Athirappally and Thommankuthu are the few most visited waterfalls of Kerala. With coastline of 580 km along with the Arabian Sea, Beaches of Kerala will take away your breath. The well maintenance and cleanliness add stars to beaches in Kerala. No doubt Thiruvananthapuram is a most popular beach of Kerala. Other spectacular beaches of Kerala are Varkala, Cherai, Fort Kochi, Marari, Alappuzha and Kozhikode.

With its picturesque beauty, serene ambiance all these things to do there, Kerala is rightfully placed at the top of any traveller’s must visit destinations.

Image Courtesy: Flickr/ Aleksandr, Wikipedia, FlyVagamon