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Kerala is a place where tourists cherish a range of natural beauties, that are found in every corner of the state. Does history entice you? Do you enjoy the visit to historical monuments? Are you looking for a place to celebrate the holidays and learn the history as well? Kerala has many historical places that will tell you about great history of this state. You can find many historical monuments or archaeological wonders in Kerala and can be visit during your Kerala stay.

Kerala welcomes every year thousands of visitors with open arms and pure heart. With several historical landmarks like temples, forts, churches, and mosques you wouldn’t be disappointed after the visit. The list of historical places in Kerala is a wonder in itself. Among all the Archaeological sites in India; Kerala holds the most places to visit. All the Monuments of Kerala are well-preserved and maintained so that it’s glorious and royalism could be shared with the upcoming generation. There are more than thirty heritage sites to visit in Kerala. Here we picked the some best historical places of Kerala, that one can’t miss while their visit to Kerala.

#1 Edakkal Caves, Nenmeni

Edakkal Caves

There exists in the history is marked since 1895. 1200 ft. above the sea level, these Caves are one of the hoariest human settlements ever revealed. The cave walls are full of pictographic illustrations and engraved design that point to the existence of antediluvian human residences in the province.

  • Attractions: Stone Age Rock Engravings, Ancient Burial Spots
  • 25 km from Kalpetta, Wayanad district
  • Visit in between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Closed on Mondays

#2 Fort Emmanuel, Kochi

Fort Emmanuel

The fort was constructed in 1503 by the Portuguese and strengthened in 1538. It was named after the Portuguese emperor, King Immanuel. It significantly facilitated in solidification the Portuguese livelihood of the region. It was a sign of the tactical association amid the Maharajah of Kochi and the Emperor of Portugal.

  • 13 km from Ernakulam
  • Visit in the morning and noon hours
  • Entry Fees Rs.50/- for adults and Rs.20/- for kids
  • Take 1 hour to visit

#3 Infant Jesus Cathedral, Kollam

Infant Jesus Cathedral Kollam

It is one among the leading places of eminence in the histories of the Church in India. Its history marked in the thirteenth century, when Kollam went through Christian Renaissance, in the smart headship of Fr. Jordanus Catalani.

  • Thangassery, Kollam
  • Visit during Day to Evening hours
  • Take around one hour to visit

#4 Kollengode Palace, Palakkad

Kollengode Palace Palakkad

The palace epitomizes the customary architectural style of Kerala. It has presently been transformed into a luxury inn with offering Ayurvedic Spa as well. Numerous global travelers visit this palace for Ayurvedic treatment in natural environs.

  • 26 km from Palakkad
  • Free Entry
  • Take around two hour to visit

#5 Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

Mattancherry Palace Kochi

It is moreover known as Dutch Palace. Being one of the premium illustrations of the Kerala style of construction combined with colonial inspirations. It was constructed around 1545. The dual storied palace has an exquisite collection of murals. These portray some great Indian classics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

  • 12 km from Ernakulam
  • Visit in between 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Closed on Fridays

#6 Palakkad Fort, Palakkad

Palakkad Fort

It is additionally known as Tipu’s Fort. This attractively preserved structure was a significant military base earlier. Reconstructed by Hyder Ali in the 18thcentury, the Mysore rulers ruled over it up to the time when British rulers took command of it.

  • 5 km from Palakkad
  • Visit in between 8:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Entry is free

#7 Pattanam Archaeological Site

Pattanam Archaeological Site

Being the first ever multi-disciplinary archaeological site commenced in Kerala this place holds a lot for history lovers. The main objective of the excavation was to hunt for archaeological proof that would assist to recognize a prompt momentous city settlement and the ancient Indo-Roman port of Muziris on the Malabar Shoreline.

  • 25 km from Kochi
  • Visit during Day to Evening hours

#8 St. Angelo Fort, Kannur

St. Angelo Fort, Kannur

Built by Francisco de Almeida in 14th century, it is additionally famous as the Kannur Fort. The massive fort is trilateral in shape and built of laterite. The dyke, robust, parallel upholders, bullets scrapheaps, the concealed prisons and the clandestine passageways describes the evidence to the design and the scrupulous work that went into the building of this planned armed base.

  • Closes by 6:00 PM
  • 3 km from Kannur
  • Entry is free

#9 St. Francis Church, Kochi

St. Francis Church Kochi

It is renowned for its spectacular structural design and setting. It holds a vital place in history. It is here that the famed voyager, Vasco-da-Gama, was formerly buried. The church is famous for its profound Dutch and Portuguese inspirations and is an architectural ace in itself.

  • 13 km from Ernakulam
  • Best to visit during Day to Evening hours
  • No entry fees.

#10 Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort

It is an ancient testament also known as Tellicherry.  It is located on the Thalassery seashore on a rock-strewn precipice. The fort is now controlled by the Archaeological Survey of India and includes a considerable entry along with a lighthouse. The entry gate is enormous, adorned with fresco canvases outlining back to the 18th century present on its roof.  It is supposed that Thalassery Fort was built by a blend of quicklime, white of egg and sugar toffee. An ancient mosque Odathil Palli, Jagannatha Temple, and Thiruvangadi Sri Rama Swami Temple are neighboring charms.

  • Visit in between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • No entry fees.
  • Take around two hours to visit

#11 Jewish Synagogue

kochi Jewish synagogue
The Jewish Synagogue is built in 1568 in the Fort Cochin. This place has its own historical significance that is preserved till today. The most important attractions of Synagogue are the copper plates, blue Chinese tiles, gold and silver crowns, and many others. The combination of these provides the enthralling sight to its visitors. Tourists can visit this engrossing spot every day of the week, except Saturday. After the formation of a Jewish State in Israel, the majority of Jews moved to this state, only a few people, 17 Jews are still in Cochin.

#12 Chittur Garumadam

This amazing location is situated in Thekkegramam near to the Arikkode in the district Palakkad. People believe that many poets and saints live their last days of life in this spiritual destination. Garumadam is well known for the Thunchath Ezhuthachan, author of the Adhyatma Ramayana and translator of Mahabharata in Malayalam. In the house of Thunchath Ezhuthachan, a srichakra, i.e. a wooden slippers used by him, stylus and many other old manuscripts are exhibited. On the day of Vijaydashmi, hundreds of children are collected for a ritualistic initiation of learning.

#13 Bekal Fort

bekal fort
Bekal fort is the largest fort of Kerala and considered as about 300 years old fort. As per the resources, this fort was constructed by the Sivappa Naik in 1650s. Sivappa Naik was belonged to the Ikkeri dynasty and later on this fort was moved to the Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan, and Britishers rule.

#14 Bastion’s Bungalow

This bungalow was built in 1667 AD with the Indo-European style of architecture. This Bastion Bungalow, an official residence of the sub collector of Ernakulam, has received its name from the site where it is found, i.e. the Stromberg Bastion. The bastion’s bungalow was amazingly designed into the circular structure, tiled roof, wooden verandah, and many more. There is a network of secret tunnels in this building, but none of them has been found till today.

#15 Vadakkumnathan Temple

vadakkumnathan temple
This is one of the largest temples of the state Kerala with the area of 10 acres. This religious temple, dedicated to the Lord Shiva was built by the creator of Kerala Parsurama. The amazing features of this temple include the Mahalingam of Shiva, which can never be seen because it is covered with the huge amount of ghee. The celebration of the Thrissur Pooram festival is another important attraction of this temple.

Apart from these monuments, Kerala has many other beautiful historic and religious monuments like Chottanikkara Temple, Sabarimala Temple, Guruvayoor Temple, Sabarimala Temple, Cheraman Juma Masjid, St. Sebastian Church, Krishnapuram Palace, Mattanchery Palace, Koyikkal Palace, Vasco house, Mannadi, Koder House and many others.

Amazed with the information? What are you waiting for? Plan a family trip to Kerala and let them understand the glorious past of Kerala by visiting these fantastic Archaeological sites in India. And worry not! Even if history doesn’t attract you; Kerala will not disappoint you at any moment of your trip with its natural beauty and hospitality.

Apart from these, you can also find some best Kerala tourist destinations that can help you to plan your itinerary. As always, whenever you need any help to plan your Kerala historical places tour package, contact us now. We can plan your customized tour at best price ever.

Image credit: wikipedia.org/Paradesi_Synagogue/bekal_fort/Vadakkumnathan_Temple