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Kerala is a place which requires no explanation; visitors can feel only and if you visit this place once you will definitely plan your trip to Kerala again and again. Kerala is a home of many mind-blogging beauties but where to go and where not to go in any particular season is a point to think while going to Kerala. Now let us understand the how Kerala weather in different seasons i.e. Winter, Summer and Monsoon season.

  • Winter i.e. October to February, months are mild and pleasant.
  • Summer i.e. March to May, weather is quite hot and humid but you can go some places to enjoy your vacation.
  • In Monsoon i.e. June to September, visitors can enjoy heavy rains and strong winds.kerala atmosphere

Kerala in Winter:

The best and the peak season to visit Kerala is winter i.e. between October and February. Mostly, Tourists prefer to cherish this state in winters because Kerala is never too chilly in winter so can enjoy to the fullest. The temperature drops a bit and weather is also mild, visitors can enjoy beaches the most. It is the right time to see Keralian interesting colorful festivals also.  Winter is the most demanding time so huge crowd will be found in Kerala, so it is advised to book your hotels in advance. Relish the actual pleasure of cool breeze of Kerala backwaters, hill stations, night-outs, various events and many more in winter.

Kerala in Summer:

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Though the months March, April and May are hot and humid time to explore Kerala but some of the hill stations will make your visit memorable. Munnar and Thekkady hill stations are still very pleasant in summer. This time is also best for the financial point of view as you know most of the crowd plan for Kerala in winter so can be said as a good time for a budget holiday. You will get heavy discount offers due to the off-season. The heat of summer will make your mood off but you can make your trip delightful by watching peaceful siestas. As far as talking about discount offers, yes you will get huge discount in many sightseeing places, dinners, and so on.

Kerala in Monsoon:

In Monsoon i.e. June to September, heavy rain fall occur and the crowd is very low so the rates of hotels is also go down. Most of beaches and few roads of low lying areas are swallow up. In this weather tourist avoid to come Kerala but this time is considered as best for the Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is an oldest mode of treating every kind of disease and the tropical climate of Kerala and the availability of many medicinal herbs make this place perfect for the Ayurvedic treatments.

So, winter will be the best season to explore Kerala but rates will be very high during this season. Summer season will let you away from the lovely beaches but tourists can cherish beautiful hill stations and in monsoon, Tourists go Kerala to avail the best Ayurvedic Treatment. Therefore, Tourists can enjoy the exotic experience of Kerala in any season.

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Image Courtesy: www.flickr.com/photos/howard_roark