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Kerala is well known as God’s Own Country around the world. Kerala owing places where you can go in any season of the year. Along with Natural wonders like beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers, Kerala is known for its culture, temples, festivals, and traditional architecture. These are the things which make Kerala a famous holiday destination. Tourist Places of Kollam are just worked as icing on the cake.

The beautiful coastal city of Kollam or Quilon and Desinganadu (as formerly known) sits on the banks of the serene Lake of Ashtamudi. Kollam city holds the prestige of being one of the oldest ports and trading centers for ages. The essence of its decade long commercial expertise still exists as the exquisite trading skills of the present city.

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Apart from its commercial and administrative importance the city also makes a remarkable mark in the maps of the country as a prominent holiday destination and the least polluted city of the country. Kollam is famous for cashew production and known as the cashew capital of the world!! Yes, you heard that right; the town produces and exports tones of cashew nuts every year around the globe.

How to Reach Kollam:

  • You can reach Kollam by air. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) is the nearest airport. Kollam is 51 km far from Thiruvananthapuram airport. 
  • You can reach using the railways. The nearest railway station is Eravipuram (IRP), Kollam Junction (QLN). There are many Kollam tourist places near railway stations. 
  • Tourists can reach Kollam by bus that connects major cities. Kollam city Junction is the nearest bus station. 

15 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Kollam:

Kollam is one of the best places to visit in Kerala during the winter season (October to February) as the city is in the peak of its charm during these months. Among the many Kollam sightseeing places, we recommend the following places to see in Kollam and keep on top of your itinerary.

1. Amritapuri – Picturesque village of Vallikavu:

Amritapuri -  Picturesque village of Vallikavu

Amritapuri aka Parayakadavu is a most revered religious destination for Hindus. The place is famed for holding Ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the world-famous saint. This place also serves as their International Headquarters. The Ashram is home to hundreds of disciples and the students. This spiritual saint has thousands of disciples all over the world, who visit this place for days in order to attain peace of mind and find the purpose of life. It is a must-visit place if you have the spiritual inclination and even if you want to witness this huge organization, its inclusions and working.

  • Things to do in Amritapuri: Visit Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Ashram, Photography.
  • Best time to visit Amritapuri: During the months of October to march.

2. Munroe Island – Famous Boating Place in Kollam:

Munroe Island -  Famous Boating Place in Kollam
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This beautiful little island makes its place at the confluence of the Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river. The famous Dutch church – one of the beautiful churches in Kerala makes a prominent place to visit in Kollam.

  • Things to do in Munroe Island: take a Canoe tour to the island through the backwaters and peep into the local tribal lifestyle
  • Best time to visit in Munroe Island: Indian winters (November- February).

3. Kollam Beach – One of the Best Beaches in Kerala:

Kollam Beach - One of the Best Beaches in Kerala

Aka Mahatma Gandhi beach is a must-visit place at Kollam. This famous beach of Kerala is famed for its natural beauty and the picturesque sunrise and sunset views. The Tengasseri lighthouse here adds to its beauty. The place is also known for its prestigious marine aquarium project. You may also encounter a beach wedding taking place here frequently.

  • Things to do at Kollam Beach- visit Mahatma Gandhi Park nearby, indulge in water activities, Photoshoot.
  • Best time to visit Kollam Beach – The place looks best during the months of October to February.

4. Palaruvi Waterfalls – Amazing place in Kollam:

Palaruvi Waterfalls - Amazing place in Kollam

The milky streams of Palaruvi waterfalls fall from 300 feet. Tourists come for picnic spots. It is one of the cherishable Kollam tourist destinations. The 32nd waterfall of India is open for tourists from 8 am to 4 pm. It is a photographers’ paradise. The site offers Ayurveda properties.

  • Things to do in Palaruvi Waterfalls:There are many activities to do at the waterfall as bathing in the waterfall, sightseeing, picnic spots, swimming, and photography.
  • Best time to visit Palaruvi Waterfalls: The best time to visit is between June to January.

5. Punalur – One of the Most Important Industrial Centers in Kerala:

Punalur -  One of the Most Important Industrial Centers in Kerala
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This beautiful hill town in Kerala is famous for its places and activities pertaining to water. In fact, the name of the town itself means ‘place of water’. The town sees a calm Kallada River flowing through its land and also flaunts South India’s first motorable bridge- The Suspension Bridge. The mesmerizing Western Ghats at the backdrop make this place a piece of paradise on earth.

  • Things to do in Punalur: visit Suspension Bridge, KG Convention center, Junkle park, malls, and theatres.
  • Best time to visit in Punalur: plan your trip during the months of October to February to enjoy the fullest.

6. Karunagappally – One of the Beautiful Places of Interest in Kollam:

Karunagappally - One of the Beautiful Tourist Places in Kollam

This small town in Kerala has earned a good name because of its numerous religious places including temples, mosques, and church which attracts lots of devotees from over the country all year round.

The most revered place here is The Krishnapuram Palace. The Palace holds an idol of Lord Budha which was recovered from a local tank. The town is also frequented by nature lovers to enjoy the virgin beauty of this place. Lined by the Coconut, Paddy, Tapioca, and Banana plantations, the town offers natural scenic beauty which makes this place must visit Tourist place in Kollam

  • Things to do in Karunagappally: Houseboat stay, drive across the green fields untangling the beauty of nature.
  • Best time to visit in Karunagappally: the place can be enjoyed to the fullest during the season of winters (October- February).

7. Jatayu Earth’s Centre – Largest Bird Sculpture in the World:

Jatayu Earth's Centre - Largest Bird Sculpture in the World

It is the newest Tourist place in Kollam which is seeking much tourist attention ever since its construction. Deriving its name from the attraction it holds, it is a beautiful rock-themed park. The Jatayu earth’s center park holds a massive rock sculpture of the epic bird from Ramayana – The Jatayu. The sculpture holds the prestige of being the world’s largest bird sculpture till date. Isn’t that amazing!!

According to the Hindu mythology, the bird god Jatayu tried to save Goddess Sita from the clutches of Ravana, and gave his life after a fight with Ravana, here. Themed on this courageous deed of the bird to save the purity of a woman and to advocate the world the same, this sculpture was created.

The place also holds an 18 ft high statue of Lord Rama and a nature park surrounding the massive Jatayu sculpture. This world-famous hilltop structure makes this place one of the prominent one-day trip places in Kollam.

  • Things to do at Jatayu Earth’s Centre – the park offers numerous adventurous and fun activities like 6D theatre (an audio-visual digital room), cable car ride, the stunning panorama of surrounding for photography, etc.
  • Best time to visit Jatayu Earth’s Centre– October to February.

8. Mayyanad – Sacred place to visit in Kollam:

Mayyanad - Sacred place to visit in Kollam:

If you are looking for spirituality and want to seek divine blessings, Mayyanad is one of the hidden tourist attractions in Kollam. It has nine significant temples, and Lord Subramaniam Temple is one of them.

  • Things to do in Mayyanad- You can visit churches, mosques, and temples. You can offer prayers.
  • Best time to visit Mayyanad- You can see Mayyanad any time of the year. There are no better days to seek blessings than a day you want to visit. 

9. Kumbhavurutty Falls

Kumbhavurutty Falls

These falls are known for breathtaking views and picnic spots. Tourists looking to visit tourist places in Kollam for one day trip can take a halt at this place.

  • Things to do in Kumbhavurutty Falls – You can bathe under the falls, sit on the rocks, enjoy the waterfall falling onto you, have a photography session, have picnic spots, and swim.
  • Best time to visit Kumbhavurutty Falls – The best time to visit is from June to January.

10. Thirumullavaram Beach

Thirumullavaram Beach

Thirumullavaram Beach is one of the famous historical places to visit in Kollam. It is a golden beach with sapphire water. There is a line of vegetation on the beach. It entices tourists and is a bucket list of places to visit in Kollam in 1 day. The beach hosts the Karkidaka Vavubali ritual. It is famous for cashew plantations. 

  • Things to do in Thirumullavaram Beach – You can swim, sunbathe, massage, relax at the beach, host a picnic, photograph, sunset, Fort viewing, boat viewing, Chinese fishing nets, and enjoy Kerala delicacies under the shack.
  • Best time to visit Thirumullavaram Beach –The best time to be there at Thirumullavaram Beach is from June to January.      

11. Thangassery Beach – Amazing Place for Couples:

Thangassery Beach

Thangassery beach is a small beach, 3 km only. These kinds of beaches are apt places to visit in Kollam for couples. Apart from golden sandy beaches, you will get to see handicrafts from seashells, coconuts, and coir. The lighthouse is a famous spot to watch.

  • Things to do at Thangassery beach – Water activities like catamaran rides, scuba diving, speedboat, surfing, and swimming; enjoy the Kerala food offered under the shacks of the beach.
  • Best time to visit Thangassery beach – You can see it any time of the year. It is preferable to go from June to January as summers are too hot to be on the beach.

12. Ashtamudi Lake – Second Largest Lake in Kerala:

Ashtamudi Lake - Second Largest Lake in Kerala

Lines by the fringes of coconut and palm trees, the Ashtamudi lake is one of the most popular lakes in Kerala and considered among one of the peaceful Kollam tourist places. Boating through the pleasant greenery and the soothing calm water makes the experience even more blissful and memorable.

The lake is famed globally for hosting President’s Trophy boat race on the 1st of November each year. Visiting Kollam during this time makes it a lifetime memorable experience to hold. The lake also offers houseboat journeys in a variety of packages. One can experience the joy of staying overnight on the houseboat, making ways through the stunning canals, unwinding the true beauty of Kerala and its village lifestyle through these cruises.

  • Things to do at Asthamudi Lake – Taking a boat cruise, houseboat stay
  • Best time to visit Asthamudi Lake – November during the boat race.

13. Pathanapuram – Well-known City for Plantation:

Pathanapuram - Well known City for Plantation
Image Source: Wikimedia

The city of Pathanapuram is famed for its industries like dairying, poultry, goat rearing, brick making, bamboo weaving, spice and rubber plantation, etc. Apart from its commercial importance, the place is also a love of the tourists because of its scenic location and tranquil beauty.

The world-famous Chandanakkudam Mohotsava (February-March) held here, attracts a lot of tourists every year.

  • Things to do in Pathanapuram – enjoy the picturesque locations with the Western Ghats on the backdrop, visit dairy farms.
  • Best time to visit Pathanapuram – Months of October to March witnesses the maximum flow of tourists.

14. Kulathupuzha – Scenic Village in Kollam:

Kulathupuzha - Scenic Village in Kollam
Image Source: Wikipedia

Kulathupuzha is a beautiful town in Kollam famed for its religious temples and serene natural beauty.

The Sastha temple, Kulathupuzha reserve forests, Indo Swiss dairy farms, Kattilapara and Bharatheepuram oil palm plantations are the prominent places to be visited here.

  • Things to do in Kulathupuzha – trekking and exploring wildlife are the must-do activities here.
  • Best time to visit Kulathupuzha – The Vishnu devotees many flocks here during the months of April/May to attend the grand celebration in the temple. But the place looks best during the Indian winter season (October- February).

15. Sasthamcotta Lake – Largest Fresh Water Lake in Kerala:

Sasthamcotta Lake - Largest Fresh Water Lake in Kerala
Image Source: Wikipedia

Adorned with the mighty and beautiful hills on the backdrop, Sasthamcotta Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. The place is frequented by tourists seeking a peaceful and one of serene spots to visit in Kollam.

Popularly famed as the ‘Queen of Lakes’, the place is refreshing and rejuvenating at the same time. One can also spot people shooting and filming for their films or personal albums here.

  • Things to do at Sasthamcotta Lake – Boating, photography
  • Best time to visit in Sasthamcotta Lake – October to March.

Things to Do in Kollam:

Being in this beautiful city is a unique experience in itself. Apart from admiring its commerce and trade, one can indulge in a handful of activities here.

  • Being a coastal town, it offers a great array of water activities and also innumerable varieties of seafood to burp upon.
  • This beautiful town is adorned with the abundance of stunning natural beauty, beautiful and pristine beaches, admirable and tranquil lakes, and mind-boggling ancient architecture.


Kollam city has been a dream destination for many since ages. Its exotic locations, authentic south Indian food, adventure activities, shopping sites, and the mouth-watering seafood gives traveling goals to many. Hope we have given you enough reasons to backpack and make Kollam tourist places your next holiday destination.


How many waterfalls are there in Kollam?

There are several waterfalls in the Kollam district of Kerala. Some notable ones include Palaruvi Waterfalls, Thenmala Dam Waterfalls, and Achankovil Waterfalls.

What is Kollam famous for?

Kollam, known as the “Cashew Capital of the World,” is renowned for its picturesque backwaters, historic Ashtamudi Lake, and vibrant coir industry. The city also boasts ancient temples, serene beaches, and a rich cultural heritage, making it a multifaceted destination in Kerala.