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Kerala is blessed with natural wonders and mesmerizing destinations. Almost all places of Kerala has something for tourist. Thus, it is one of the prominent places for tourism in India. Let’s talk about one of the beautiful tourist destinations of Kerala – Athirappilly. This place is mainly known for the Athirappilly waterfalls. But many people are not aware of other tourist spots of Athirappilly. So, here we are discussing more about Athirappilly.

Thrissur district in Kerala hosts an exotic tourist destination named Athirapally, which pulls thousands of visitors from over the globe. Due to its immense beauty and photographic locations, this place is loaded with its appreciators all year round. 

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The gurgling waterfall, dense forest, and the natural walking trails add to the beauty of this place.

Here are the most exotic Athirapally tourist places that will make you fall in love with this heavenly place-

9 Tourist Places to Visit in Athirappilly:

Explore the top nine tourist places in Athirappilly that promise an unforgettable journey through nature’s wonders.

1. Athirappilly Falls – Biggest Waterfall In Kerala:

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Falling from a whopping height of 80 feet, Athirappilly falls makes the largest waterfall in Kerala. This impeccable fall receives its water from the Chalakudy river flowing through the Western Ghats. 

The seamless flow of water into three different plumes creates a wonderful scene worth appreciating. Because of its mightiness and spotless beauty, it is often regarded locally as the Niagara Falls of India.

The exemplary beauty of the place has compelled many filmmakers to take a shoot of their projects here. Few to mention are-

  • Scenes from Maniratnam films- Raavanan, Dil se, Iruvar, Guru, Kannathil, etc. have been shot here.
  • Numerous Tamil and Malayalam movies have considered the vicinity of this fall as the most desirable location for ages. Punnagai Mannan(1986), Villu, Happy, Ready, Cousins, Jantha Garage, Odiyan, Samar, etc.
  • Famous Bollywood songs like “Sunta hai tera khuda” from Pukar, “Achi lagti ho” from Kuch Naa Kaho, Sirf Tum, Songs from Saaya, etc have been shot here. Other epic Bollywood movies like Baahubali, Agyaat, Madras Cafe to have some beautiful shots from here. 
  • Besides Bollywood and Tollywood, this place has also attracted the attention of many Hollywood directors and has featured itself in movies like- Before the Rains (2007), Pirate’s Blood.

2. Vazachal waterfalls – Amazing Waterfall near Athirappilly Falls:

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After making the scenic Athirappilly Fally, the Chalakudy river flows for 7kms to create another magical natural setting- The Vazhachal Waterfall. The river cascades down for about 300 feet and flaunts its super splashing esthetic waterfall. Adorning the surrounding is the incredible Sholar range with an impeccable collection of rare flora and fauna. This untamed beauty of nature calls thousands of nature and photography lovers from over the globe and makes it the most loved Athirapally sightseeing place.

3. Charpa Waterfalls:

Image Source: Wikimedia

Another exceptional beauty of this town is- Charpa falls. Among the garland of falls created by the Chalakudy River, Charpa is one. Making its place between the famous Atrirapally and Vazhachal falls, Charpa is comparatively less known.  The beauty of the falls lies in the way it presents itself. Falling from one step to another for seven such steps till it reaches the road where it splashes it water and escapes away, makes this fall an extremely lovable one.

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4. Sholayar forest – Best Sightseeing Place in Athirappilly:

Image Source: Wikimedia

Another exciting and thrilling Athirapally places to visit for a real adventure is the Sholayar forest. To unleash the wild beauty of the Western Ghats, a visit to this place is a must. The forest offers many trekking trails and walkways for nature enthusiasts. The beautiful forest is loaded with exotic wildlife, tinkling dams, splashing waterfalls, and rampant greenery

5. Chalakudy River – Fifth Longest River in Kerala:


Hosting the prime attractions of the city, Chalakudy River makes the fourth-longest river in Kerala. Apart from the natural settings and the scenic spots it creates over its course, the river is also known for the marine diversity it holds. 

Being home to nearly 98 species of freshwater fishes, this river is the lifeline of the state. Apart from serving mankind directly, the water of this river also provides hydroelectricity over the state. Spending an evening on the banks of this river and strolling through its incredible settings makes a perfect idea for an ideal outing.

6. Water Theme Parks – Best Place for family outing In Athirappilly:


The fun places to visit in Athirappilly are two exotic water parks named- Dream World and Silver Strom. Situated on either side of the Butterfly garden, these parks are perfect to get immerged into adventure games and water sports. Loaded with many rides and pools, this is indeed one of the most loved places among the kids and adults.

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7. Thumboormuzhi Dam & Garden – Famous Tourist Spot to Visit in Athirappilly:


One of the most popular tourist places in Athirapally is The Thumboormuzhi Dam and Garden. Famed for hosting nearly 148 different species of butterflies, this place is also known as the Butterfly Garden. Spending an evening near the Dam and the garden makes a perfect date for the couples.

Timing- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry fee- Rs. 10/- (Adults), Rs. 5/- (Child)

8. Athirapally Wildlife & Jungle Safari:


There are plenty of wildlife places to see in Athirapally. Surrounded by the dense foliage, the town is famed for its unusual collection of wildlife. Athirappilly offers its visitors a chance to take a Jungle Safari drive and explore the exquisite beauty of Sholyar ranges of Western Ghats. This 40 kms drive through the rain forest creates one of the most magical and unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

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9. Peringalkuthu Dam – Concrete Dam in Athirappilly:

Image Source: Wikimedia

One of the must-visit Athirapally tourist spots is the Peringalkuthu Dam. The dam takes its place amidst the dense forest in Athirappilly and is a major source of hydroelectric power generation for the state. This mighty concrete dam sits over the Chalakudy river over a height of 23 meters. The entry is restricted to this place as with special permission only.

End Notes:

As you conclude your exploration of the captivating tourist places in Athirappilly, Kerala, you leave with cherished memories etched in the heart. From the thundering cascades of Athirappilly Waterfalls to the serene charm of Vazhachal Forest Gardens, this destination has unfolded a tapestry of natural wonders. Athirappilly, with its rich biodiversity and picturesque landscapes, stands as a testament to the unparalleled beauty that Kerala has to offer. Whether you’ve immersed yourself in the vibrant culture, embarked on thrilling adventures, or simply reveled in the tranquility, your journey in Athirappilly leaves you with a sense of awe and a longing to return to this paradise on earth.


What is the best time to visit Athirappilly waterfalls?

The ideal time to visit Athirappilly is from September to January when the weather is pleasant and the waterfalls are at their majestic best.

Are there accommodations available near Athirappilly Waterfalls?

Yes, Athirappilly offers a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly options, providing visitors with comfortable stay choices.

Are there any adventure activities in Athirappilly?

Yes, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy activities like trekking, river rafting, and wildlife safaris, adding an exciting dimension to their Athirappilly experience.

How far is Athirappilly from Cochin International Airport?

Athirappilly is approximately 40 kilometers away from Cochin International Airport, making it a convenient destination for both domestic and international travelers.