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Looking to book best 4 star resorts in Munnar? Does booking agent really offering 4 star hotel / resorts? this will be challenging question for a guest who want to book a good 4 Star Resort for their Holidays in Munnar or any other location.

Being in travel industry and responsible tour operator agency, Srees Tours intend to write this article because of few reasons given below:

  • We have seen many online booking websites or travel agents used to exploit or take advantage of lack of knowledge of guests about star classification of resorts. It is not mandatory for hotels to get classification from the Govt. and due to this reasons, Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Travel Agents (TAs) are exploiting lack of awareness of the tourists and shows 3 Star Resorts as 4 Star Resorts to their guests!
  • These OTAs or TAs have their own way to classify any resorts of their choice to a 4 Star Resort. I will show you how they do this!
  • Since branding or obtaining classification of hotels is not mandatory, finding a true 4 Star Resort is very difficult and this is the reason, we have published this article!
  • Some time when a guest is searching for hotels in Munnar, search results in Google shows review star like ***** which some time the guest may think that it’s a star category of the particular hotel. Actually it’s a average review status of the particular resort. (See below screenshot from Google search result on 4 star resorts in Munnar)
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4 Star resorts in Munnar

Due to these reasons, it is an embarrassing situation when the tourist reaches at resort and found that the facilities or services is lacking or not up to their expectations.

  • Since Govt has also not strictly asking or it is not at all mandatory for the hotels to take a classification from Govt for running a hotel.

We, at Srees Tours take this opportunity to educate our guests, who are booking their hotels online, not to fall in the trap and book their resorts after carefully studying about the star category of the particular resorts offered by their OTA in Munnar.

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As Munnar is a must visit destination in Kerala tour package, we started working with Munnar first. While trying to figure out the Best 4 Star Resorts in Munnar, it is required to go little more deeper about the star category. Here you need to know what is the facilities available in a 4 Star Resort? what is the basic requirement for hotel or resorts to get a 4 Star Classification? You should also know that Munnar is an award winning place of Best Indian Destination for Romance.

We also want to make it a point to mention that the article is about 4 Star Resorts and not for Hotels. Yes, there is a huge difference between resorts & hotel and we will also publish one dedicated article in this category. But here is the brief difference between them as we classify hotel as – one multi story building where many side by side rooms with centralized AC, lift facilities, conference hall and many other facility which needs for a business booking, meeting as well as for tourist booking also. Resorts means – any holiday rentals have vast open place, rooms in villas and cottages, a lawn, more open place etc.

Here is the required facility to have a 4 Star Ratings for any resorts:

Competent Authority:- Competent Authority to award 4 star classification by a committee chaired by ADG (Tourism) Govt of India, along with representatives of FHRAI, HAI, IATO, TAAI, Principal Hotel Management Institute and Representatives of India Tourism.

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Facilities Should be Available in 4 Star Resorts :- Govt of India has stipulated certain norms and conditions to award classification. Based on this stipulations or norms, below are the facilities should be available in 4 Star Resort to get Classification.

  • Minimum 10 rooms should be available for renting and all bed rooms have a minimum size of 140 sq ft, should have a safe, TV with entertainment facility, a mini fridge, 2 bottle of minimum 500ml mineral water per room and a stationary folder with writing materials.
  • Bed size should be 180cm, with bed cover, 2 pillows, bed protector, mattress etc
  • Bed room should have attached bath room, free toiletries, 24hrs hot and cold water, shower cabin and 1 out of 10 rooms should have a bath tub (bath tub requirement needs to comply by 2013).
  • Bath room should be minimum 45sq ft, free hair driers, 1 each bath towel and hand towel,
    One multi cuisine restaurant and one coffee shop with room service from 7am to 11pm.
    Lift facility for hotels have multiple floors.
  • Minimum one room and washroom for disabled friendly.

The above are the mandatory and important facilities must have in a 4 Star Resort. Most of the good resorts now provide free coffee / tea basket in room, free wifi, internal telephone, basic facilities such as doctors on call etc which makes a resort more attractive.

Note: Checkout detailed classification criteria checklist available here: HRACC Guidelines for Hotels

Best 4 Star Resorts in Munnar :- It’s unfortunate that no 4 Star Resorts in Munnar have approved classification from Govt (as on 01 Jul 2017). That does not mean that there are no 4 star facility resorts in Munnar. Based on the classification criteria mentioned by Govt of India, below are the resorts which have 4 star facilities available in their resorts but they are not authorized 4 star resorts by Govt of India. You can rest assure to get 4 star facilities and this is the reason, we have included them in our article to help you to find best 4 star facility resorts in Munnar.

1. The Tall Trees Resorts, Pothamedu:


6 km from Munnar this resort is for all nature and greenery lovers.. Spread on sixty-six acres of land TTTR has many deep-rooted tall trees those are as much as 1000 years old and cardamom plantations offering fresh air. This place is always not crowded therefore it promises scores of secrecy for each dweller. The resort is located on a sloppy land and wandering inside the resort is suitable for those who like to walk for 5-10mins. The resort offers cars to commute inside it. This is a family friendly resort with activities like indoor and outdoor games. You can enjoy playing table tennis, caroms, cards, chess, golf etc. here. Old age people having breathing problem should avoid staying here.

2. Munnar Tea Country Resort:

the tea country resort munnar

The closest of all the resorts in Munnar. Just 2 km away from the city, this is the place worth staying for making your holidays memorable munnar and refreshing. MTCR is famous for its tree plantation ambiance. The atmosphere here is so light. Within few minutes, you can feel the positivity of the atmosphere inside you. MTCR provides the best of facilities. Moreover, these people never stop surprising you with their hospitality. Oceana spa is worth trying here.

3. Tea County Resort Anachal:

This resort is situated at a distance of 12 km from the Munnar City. This resort has Villas with Horizontal view and valley view. Not restricting the place for any particular group, here are family cottages as well as honeymoon villas. So, no matter with whoever you visit here, you will always find this resort worth spending your vacations with your loved ones. The Valley View Villas here features this resort on the list of one of the best resorts in Munnar. The transportation facilities are also good here.

4. The Fog, Eeticity:

the fog resorts and spas

Over a distance of 17 km from Munnar, The Fog Resorts & Spas compromise of a different world inside it. The Valley View villas are just amazing. They provide free Wi-Fi, parking, swimming pool and many more things. Here are many activities for kids like outdoor and indoor games like the resort have their club house. Very friendly resort for kids. Not forgetting the newly married love birds, here are beautiful honeymoon paradises. Couples try the Bodhi spa here together.

5. Mountain Club Resort, Chinnakanal:

the mountain club resort

One of the highly rated resorts in Munnar, Mountain Club is situated at Chinnakanal, at distance of around 17 km from the Munnar city. The resort has well-refined cottages with fireplaces. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant. Here is a beautiful coffee shop in the resort. Moreover, health club and Ayurveda enhance the ranking of this place. This resort offers long stays, weddings, monsoon packages, theme dinners, conferences and much more.

6. Ragamaya, Rajakkad:

the ragamaya resort

The best-recognized resort for mountain and valley view villas in Munnar, Ragamaya in Rajakkad is considered as one of the most luxurious resorts in Kerala. This place offers one of the eye-pleasing views in the Western Ghats. One of the best parts of this resort is its Aranya Leela Honeymoon Cottage with a private plunge pool. Not only that, here is a temperature controlled infinity pool. The restaurant- Sameera dishes are just mouthwatering. Spandini, the spa over here is quite relaxing.

7. The Leaf, Eeticity:

The Leaf Resort Munnar

17 km away from the city, The Leaf resort is a picture perfect place. If you are peace lover, this place belongs to you. This place is like a dream come true. Dream of having your own house at a hill station. People here are so full of positivity and friendly. You don’t feel away from home. The resort also has many facilities like swimming pool, parking, wifi. This resort shows you nature at its best. A complete package. Worth staying here.

8. Rivulet Resort, Kunjithanni:


Rivulet Resort, the best river view resort in Munnar, located at distance of 15 km from the city is the powerhouse resort. The atmosphere at this place brings a different kind of energy inside you that you just always want to stay here. It provides suites on a hillside tea plantation and doesn’t forget the luxuries river-view rooms. The spa is done here. Services are quite impressive. Here you can have a lot of fun experiences. Also, the areas near the resorts are just worth exploring.

9. Tea Valley Resort, Pallivasal, Munnar:

tea valley resort

The Tea Valley Resort is a 4 star luxury resort located at Pallivasal, Munnar. This resort provides best luxury accomodations and is perfect honeymoon stay for married couple. Tea Valley Resort is one of the finest resort of Munnar surrounded by greenery and the rooms can give the best natural sights to couples. To make your honeymoon more memorable Tea Valley Resort has also some thrilling activities such as Tree Top, Rockzone and few other outdoor activities. Overall Tea Valley resort has fantastic stay facility, good services, excellent staff, tasty food and many more. Enjoy your stay.

Brief comparison of these 4 Star Resorts in Munnar:

Resort Location and distance from Munnar city Resort Ambiance Average discounted room price for couple
(Oct to Mar except Dec)
Trip Advisor
Review status
Any Additional Free
Service provided by the resort or Facilities.
Tall Trees Pothenmedu
Forest Rs 6500   Trekking ,Campfire, In door and Outdoor Games
Tea Country
Valley view Rs 6500   Daily Trekking
Tea County Munnar city
Tea plantation Rs 6500    –
The Fog Eeticity / Merikulam
Valley view Rs 6300   Tea Plantation visit
Mountain Club Chinnakanal
Mountain and Valley view Rs 8000   Only Health Club and Pool
Ragamaya Rajakkad
Mountain & Valley view
Rs 11000   Nothing available
The Leaf Eeticity/
Valley view Rs 4800   Only Jacuzzi available in the Higher category roms
Rivulet Resort Kunjithanni
River View Rs 5900   Nature walk, Bamboo Drifting

Compare Facilities Available in the Resorts :-

  Average room size Free Wifi Internal Buggy Service Restaurant & Coffee shop Pool Spa Children Playing area Indore games & Gym
Tea Country
–  Yes No Only Restaurant No Yes Yes Yes
Tall trees  – Yes –  Only Restaurant No Yes Yes Yes
Tea County –   – –    No
The Fog –  Yes –  Only Restaurant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mountain club –  Yes –  Only Restaurant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ragamaya –  Yes –  Only Restaurant Private Pool Yes Yes Chargeable
The Leaf –  Yes –  Only Restaurant   Yes Yes Yes
Rivulet –  Yes  – Only Restaurant No Yes Yes Yes

Image Courtesy: Respective resort websites


Here our goal to publish this article is to make you aware about the facts of 4 Star resorts in Munnar. That will help you to choose the best resorts at most economical cost. If you find any query or have any suggestion on this article, you may feel free to write us or put your comment below. We would love to answer your query.