Kerala Tree House


About Kerala Tree House

Tree House is one of the unique concepts created for tourists who are visiting Kerala to get “something different” feeling. If properly chosen, a stay in such house becomes a very memorable experience tourist can get during their trip to Kerala. Srees Tours, Kumarakom, which used to include overnight stay in wood Tree House in all the tour packages, here gives some idea about these residences in Kerala as well as how to have a memorable experience in them.

It is similar to a house, which is mounted on a height with walls, roofs, windows, and all other basic amenities, which can be used as a temporary shelter for recreation.

The Tree housing concept is derived from what some of the people in Kerala who lived near to the forest and mountains. In the earlier days, Kerala was covered by green thick forests, which are part of Western Ghats that includes thick forest and mountains.

Most of the agricultural lands belongs to farmers who are located near to the Western Ghats are either located in the forests or nearby forests. Homes are far away from their agricultural land, they need to stay near to the agricultural land to look after and protect their cultivations. These farmers who live near to the forest are also prone to attack from elephants and other wild animals. To protect themselves, they used to construct their temporary huts on big nest and used to climb on the huts by rope ladder. Once they get into the hut, they used to fold the rope ladder so that they are safe to some extent.

There are many damaged / unused huts on the branches that are still available in nearby forests as well as there are couple of huts presently used by forest department of Kerala on the way to Agastya arkoodam, near Trivandrum.

At present, the treehouse cottages are used for recreational purpose for the incoming tourists in Kerala.

Tree Houses in Kerala

Tree Houses in Kerala are constructed, owned, and operated by resorts located at Munnar, Thekkedy, Wayanad etc. Since its being part of a particular resort, the tourists have an option to experience the nest house also while staying in resorts.

As nest house cottages are part of the respective resorts, it does not mean that all the hotels or resorts in Keralahave wood houses. There are only few resorts which have good facilities available around their premises can make this facility.

Elevation to the treehouse cottages from the ground level may be 10 meters to 50 meters and it varies from Houses to houses. The best living experience depends upon the height of the house from the ground level, the view available etc. There will be steps, ladder, or suitable method available to reach it from the ground.

Since this living experience is a unique and memorable, some of the resorts have constructed their own house on an artificial steel pole erected from the ground level. These kind of artificial nest house cottages will surely not a good option to experience and one will not get the exclusive experience from these artificial house made on such height.

In Kerala, tourists can now experience a stay in woods in the following tourist destinations.

  • Tree House in Munnar.
  • Tree House in Thekkedy (Periyar).
  • Tree House in Poovar.
  • Tree House in Vythiri (Wayanad).
  • Tree House in Malambuza.

Types of Tree House

There are three major types of cottages based on their height, capacity, structure and usage:

  • Tree Fort – Constructed about 10 feet above ground, this type of house includes a platform and a safety railing. It does not have solid walls or roof to let children look out from it. It is mainly built for recreational purpose.
  • Tree House – This is like a house mounted on top of wood with walls roofs and windows and can be used for storing stuff as well as for the kid’s recreation.
  • Luxury Tree House – These cottages go well above the simple structures and have a lot of luxuries include electrical fitting, plumbing and other amenities. They have the ambience of a modern house and can also be used for summer time outdoor.

Facilities in Tree House:

Most of the Tree Houses have master bed room, balcony, attached western style toilet with hot water, a mosquito net, coffee/tea maker etc. An air-condition may or may not be available. In most of the cases, an air conditioner is not available in house on height. Since the House is within the premises of a resort, one can always expect additional facility like a room service, doctor on call etc. It is always suggested to check the facilities of a woodhouse before booking the same.

Instructions to be followed in Tree House.

All the above services are included in the total package that starts from Rs 8000 per person.

  • No food is allowed inside of houses built on height.
  • Only one couple is allowed inside.
  • No guests are allowed to the cottages.
  • Liquor and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  • Children below 12 years are allowed in only family houses built on woods.

Most Common Problems in Tree House:

As mentioned above, most of such houses are near to the forest or plantations, therefore insects, night flies, ants, mosquitoes etc. are common problems in treehouse cottages. Since it is more nature oriented, frequent maintenance is required.

Best Way to Experience a Tree House in Kerala:

Those who like to have something different; a stay in a house on the tree is always a memorable one. The best way to experience living in such a house is really amazing.

How Can Include Tree House Stay With Kerala Tour Package?

As mentioned above, there certain tourist destinations in Kerala where facility to stay in house is available.  In case the tourist want to experience the same, look at treehouse cottages at that place and include in the Kerala tour packages.  We always recommend to advice from a reputed travel agents help so that the living experience can be perfectly fitted in their Tour Packages.

How Can Include Tree House Stay With Kerala Tour Package?

As mentioned above, there certain tourist destinations in Kerala where facility to stay in house is available.  In case the tourist want to experience the same, look at treehouse cottages at that place and include in the Kerala tour packages.  We always recommend to advice from a reputed travel agents help so that the living experience can be perfectly fitted in their Tour Packages.

10 Most Important Tips Before Booking a Tree House:

  • Ensure that it’s a real tree house and not an artificial one.
  • Check by which resort it is being operated and read reviews available.
  • Location of these houses and whether it has a good view available.
  • Facilities available in the house made on it.
  • Height of the Tree House and way to reach there.
  • It is located in a forest kind of area – always expect insects, night flies etc.
  • In most cases, an extra bed or mattress cannot be placed in house made on woods.
  • Since it is erected from the ground, staying with small children is not recommended.
  • Those who have problems with step climbing try to avoid staying in such house.
  • To make it more memorable experience, check the timing during daytime and avoid after darkness.

Is It safe to stay in Tree House?

It is very safe to stay in such house as it is not located inside the forest and care of resort’s staffs is always available. Since it is erected from the ground, those who have kids along with them should take care of the children. Sometime the location of a house built on tree cannot be accessed by car; therefore, it is always advisable to check the proper location so that no surprises will greet you on arrival.

Tree House in Munnar:

Munnar is one of the best hill stations in Kerala. Some of the resorts in Munnar have constructed the best house for their guests. Below are the list of top Tree cottages in Munnar.

  • Nature Zone Resort, Tree House.  This is located 12kms away from Munnar town and no direct access by car is available.  The resort have jeep transfer facilities from to Munnar city area.  The very best plus point of this resorts is its location.  One can see the whole Munnar from this resort view point.
  • 7 Spring Plantation Resort ia a modern-day house.  This is located in a forest kind of area and operated by 7 Spring Plantation Resort.  This house is well maintained and very good to stay for couple.  It is located approx 100mtrs away from the resort.
  • Dream Catcher House.  It is located approximately 30 kms away from Munnar town, on the way to Thekkedy. This is being operated by Dream Catcher resort, Since the approach road of 2kms is very bad, reaching this resort is little difficult.
  • Kaivalyam Retreat cottages.  This is an artificially made on iron pols and operated by Kaivalyam Retreat resort.  Very close from Munnar town.

Average Price of Tree House:

Tariff of these house is always little higher due to huge expense for maintenance. Average price available is between Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 8000/- which may increase upto Rs. 10000/- in peak season dates. Most of the house made on woods provides dinner also in this price.

Best Time to Experience the Tree House:

A cottage house experience is highly recommended round the year in Kerala except monsoon seasons. Monsoon starts in Kerala from June to August. One can expect heavy rain during July. We recommend avoiding a stay in such house during these times since access to these area is difficult.