Kayaking in Kerala

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Kayaking in Kumarakom Backwaters
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Best Kayaking in Kerala

Experience the thrill of kayaking in Kerala’s serene backwaters with Sreestours. Kayaking in Kerala offers a unique perspective of this tropical paradise, allowing you to immerse yourself in the state’s rich biodiversity and vibrant culture while paddling through its serene waters. Encounter friendly locals, fishermen at work, and picturesque temples along your journey. Many tours even offer stops at local villages, allowing you to interact with the warm-hearted people of Kerala.

Why Choose Sreestours for Your Kayaking Adventure:

When you choose Sreestours for Kayaking in Kerala experience, you’re choosing excellence in travel. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Local expertise
  • Customization of packages
  • Premium accommodations
  • Professional guides
  • Safety & Responsibility


No prior experience is required. Most kayaking tours in Kerala are suitable for beginners and come with trained guides to ensure your safety.

The best time for kayaking in Kerala is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. Monsoon season (June to September) is best avoided due to heavy rainfall.

Yes, Kerala’s waterways are teeming with wildlife. You might spot birds, fish, and even small mammals while kayaking.

The duration can vary but is usually around 2 to 3 hours. Some tours offer half-day or full-day options for a more immersive experience.

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