Why You Should Combine Your Kerala Tour with Yoga Retreat and Ayurveda?

Kerala is a majestic place to rejuvenate! Its air, its beauty, its goodness, and soil is sheer bliss to be true. Every vacationer who thinks of taking time off from the routine, Kerala is always on the bucket list. There is a lot to do in Kerala than just lazing off on the Alleppey backwaters….

Kerala Home of Ayurveda – Place for Best Ayurvedic Treatment

About Ayurveda System   The most prehistoric form of medication is Ayurveda system. This system is typically originated in 3000-5000 years ago which is now going on generation to generation. This oldest healing system is considered as an indispensible branch of medicine for treating all sorts of diseases whether it’s physical or mental. Ayurveda word is…