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About Marari Beach:

Marari beach also called Mararikulam beach, is located in the Alleppey District of Kerala State. What makes this beach a famous one is the blend of modernizations in preserving natural surroundings and the local environment, in addition to working with the community. The most important advantage of this beach is that this is not exploited by the tourist till now (2020) compare to other beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, or Cherai. Far from the noisy crowd and detached from the world of fashionable hotspots and shoreline fumes, Marari’s elements are space and quietness. Come and say here, enjoy the peaceful days and the ultimate result is that your mind, body, and soul on to the next level of peace and recreation when you are here.

Mararikulam beach is the best example of responsible tourism initiatives. Kerala HATS (Homestay and Tourism Society) is an organization working to keep the Marari beach clean and preserve nature. The organization members are the owners of resorts, homestays, and local people. They ensure that the beach is plastic-free, neat, and clean always and preserve nature by not allowing any adventure activities. Even the resorts are using locally or organically produced milk, vegetables, and eggs so that each tourist who visits Marari beach contributes to the local people.

Why Mararikulam beach is the best tourist attraction?

Below are some of the many reasons why Marari beach is the best tourist attraction in south Kerala.

  • Marari beach is considered as the best sandy beach in South Kerala while comparing Cherai, Kovalam, and Varkala.
  • Hotel and homestay owners association (a local body to preserve nature in Mararikulam) with support of local people ensure that there is no litter or plastic waste dumped on the beach. When neat and cleanliness are compared, this beach occupies No 1 position among other beaches in South Kerala.
  • Mararikulam beach is in Worlds Top Five Hammock Beach by National Geographic Survey.
  • The achievement of the SKAL International Eco-Tourism Award in 2007.
  • Marari Beach resort – one of the resorts in Mararikulam made it to the “Sense of Place” final list of National Geographic Traveler “World Legacy Award” by National Geographic in partnership with ITB Berlin.
  • Marari beach is known as a less crowded beach compared to all other beaches in Kerala.
Weather Condition at Marari Beach:
  • The weather here is warm and clammy all over the year. Rain is expected from mutually the southwest and northeast monsoons, which produce strongly heavy rainstorms. The rain is at its nastiest from June to July and late October to December. Late December to March are the supreme months to stopover when the weather conditions are desiccated and sunshiny every day.
Top 6 Marari Beach Tours and Activities:

The beach is a quiet place to ease and calm down. Apart from the beach, there is nothing much sightseeing in Mararikulam available except for a few temples and churches. Below are some of the sightseeing tours in Mararikulam.

  1. Experience Marari Beach. One of the best beaches to lay back and relaxes. You can also go swimming.
  2. Ayurvedic massage and spa.
  3. Arthunkal St Andrews Basilica.
  4. Mararikulam Mahadeva Temple.
  5. Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple.
  6. Walking early morning on the roads to explore the village life.
How best you can experience Marari Beach?
  • Mararikulam Beach is a quiet, peaceful, and almost empty beach in Kerala where you can ease and calm down. You must sop up and relish the peacefulness on the desolate sandy seashores. This beach gets a few activities during holidays and weekends when local tourists visit this beach. Therefore those who love to relax at the beach along with yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic treatment, this is idle for them.
  • Marari is a small local village, go for a morning walk through the roads to find a local way of living. A couple of Churches and temples in the area gives more attraction to this place.
Top 6 Tourist Attractions and Activities Near to Mararikulam Beach:

As mentioned earlier, Marari beach is located very close to two of the famous tourist destination in South Kerala – Alleppey backwaters and Kumarakom Village. If you are staying in Marari you can go to these destinations to visit and experience the place. Below are the best tours and activities you can experience while staying at Marari beach.

  1. Canoe Trip at Kumarakom.
  2. Canoe Trip at Alleppey.
  3. Houseboat day trip at Alleppey.
  4. Houseboat day trip at Kumarakom.
  5. One full day trip to Alleppey and Kumarakom.
  6. One full day trip to Alleppey backwaters and Jatayu earth center.
Things to know before Travel Marari Beach:

  • Marari or Mararikulam beach is a peaceful beach idle for relaxing along with meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.
  • There are NO adventure or beach activities available except relaxing and swimming on the beach.
  • You can swim in the sea in case you know swimming. Since the sea bed slop down depth is not gradual but immediate, you may not judge the depth compared to other beaches in Kerala.
  • Beach relaxing chairs, Sunbeds, umbrella, etc are being available on rent. These are being provided by the local people with support from the hotels association in Marari. You can hire this for half-day or full-day.  Rent will go from Rs 200 to Rs 300 but you can bargain.
  • There is no public toilet available. But this facility is being provided by the homestays located on the beachside on payment. You can hire towels, take a bath, use changing rooms, toilets, etc on rent.
  • Restaurants – Temporary huts providing local food available on the beach. You can also go to any resort on the beach for the same.
  • The best time to visit this beach is from Nov to May.
  • Monsoon starts in Kerala from Jun till the end of Aug. This place is not idle to visit during this time.
  • Costal police act as lifeguards available at the beach.
What to Prefer at Marari – Overnight Stay or Day Visit?
  • If you have time to spend one or two nights at Marari beach, it’s highly recommended. But it’s not necessary to stay overnight to experience, but you can include a visit to this beach when you are visiting other tourist destinations in Kerala.
  • As we mentioned earlier, Mararikulam beach is located very close to three of the famous tourist destinations in South Kerala – Alleppey backwaters, Kumarakom Village, and Fort Kochi. Mararikulam can be accessed from Alleppey or Kumarakom within 30 mins of drive and from Fort Kochi is almost 1.5 hours drive. Therefore, if you are visiting any of these destinations you can include this beach as a day visit. You can also stay at Marari beach and explore Alleppey or Kumarakom.

Below are the tips as to how you can visit Marari or Mararikulam beach, in case you are not intended to stay overnight in Marari Beach.

  1. If you are coming to Alleppey or Kumarakom, you can go for a half-day trip to Marari Beach.
  2. If you are staying overnight in a houseboat it’s easy for you to visit. Houseboat does not operate after 17:30 hours. In case your houseboat hanger overnight at road accessed place, you can simply come to Marari beach, experience the sunset, and return back to the boat.  Its just 30mins from the houseboat docking place.
  3. If you are on a short duration trip which includes Munnar and Kumarakom or Alleppey you can stay in Marari and experience the backwaters in Alleppey.
  4. All those who are going from Alleppey to Kochi can easily visit this place as it’s just 10 minutes drive from the national highway.
Where to stay at Mararikulam

Marari offers a variety of resorts from 5-star luxury to homestays and guest houses. The majority of the accommodations are homestays. You can get accommodation from $30 onwards. Few resorts here are among the most lavish resorts that are exceptionally appreciated by travelers. It is brightened by native fishing villages, which intends to be the heart and soul of the seashore.

Though staying here is a little costlier than staying at any other place or beaches in Kerala but for sure it would be more than a lifetime stay.

Shopping at Mararikulam-

  • There are not many shopping options available in Mararikulam as most of the shops are of traditional. It’s advisable to buy souvenirs, spices, ayurvedic products, or handicraft items from any other destinations like Alleppey or Kochi.
8 Best Marari Beach Tour Packages:

We have earlier given details as to how you can include Marari or Mararikulam in your tour itinerary to south Kerala and which beach you should visit,  You can either visit or stay Marari beach and explore nearby places like Aleppey and Kumarakom.  Below are the best tour packages which either include an overnight stay or visit to the beach.

  1.  2 days Weekend trip to Marari.  More details about this 2 days Marari beach package.
  2.  2 days Marari stay with a trip to Alleppey backwatersMore details about this 2 days Marari Alleppey trip package.
  3.  2 days Marari stay with a trip to Kumarakom village. More detail about this 2 days Kumarakom Marari package. 
  4.  3 days stay 1 each night in Marari and Alleppey. More details about this 3 days Kerala package.
  5.  3 days stay 1 each night in Marari and Kumarakom. More details about this 3 days Marari Kumarakom package.
  6.  3 days Marari stay with Alleppey Houseboat day trip and Kumarakom visit. More details about this 3 days package.
  7.  4 days Munnar (2 nights) and Marari (1 night) with Alleppey Backwater visit. More details about this 4 Days Kerala package.
  8. 6 days Munnar (2 nights), Thekkedy (1 night), Houseboat (1 night), and Marari (1 night). Get more details about 6 days Kerala round trip.
Which is the best beach in South Kerala – Marari, Cherai, Varkala, or Kovalam? 

Selecting a beach for your visit or an overnight stay is decided to depend upon your linking or what you want to doIn essence, check what your purpose of going to a beach is. Ask these questions yourself and decide. We will give some of the tips for you and you can decide yourself.

  1.  If you want to spend some time on a beach where peace, tranquility, and quietness exists, choose Mararikulam.
  2.  If you want to go to a much-crowded beach where you can mingle with others, Kovalam is the first, and Varkala is the second option.
  3.  You want to swim on the beach, but have little or NO experience in swimming, choose lighthouse beach in Kovalam or Cherai beach.  The depth is less on these beaches, upto 50 meters inside the sea is safe.
  4.  If you are on a south Kerala trip and you’re itinerary including Trivandrum or Kanyakumari, then Kovalam beach is idle.
  5.  If you just want to stay in a neat and clean beach, relax and get Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, the best option is Mararikulam beach.
  6.  If you want beachside restaurants of different cuisine, beer parlor, or where hot drinks available, lighthouse beach in Kovalam or Varkala is the idle place.
  7.  If you want some beach adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, speed boat, etc, the best options are Kovalam and Cherai. All these activities are not available in Varkala and Marari beach.

So, why wait? Plan your trip and book your tickets now. You will surely love the atmosphere and ambiance here. The cleanliness of the beach will attract you to stay here for long and enjoy the natural beauty of coming and going sea waves.

How to Reach

Mararikulam beach is located south side of NH 66 which connects Kochi to Alleppey. It’s just 4 km from the highway to the beachside or any resorts in Marari.  Below are the details of how you can reach Mararikulam.

1) Nearest Rly Station-
  • Marari is having a railway station called is Mararikulam railway station (Code MAKM). Most of the trains have stopped at this station. The other two nearest railway stations to Mararikulam are Chertala (12 km) and Alleppey (15 km) and it takes approx 20 to 30 minutes’ drive.  You can hire a cab or three-wheeler auto (tuk-tuk) to reach your homestay or resort from the railway station.
2) By Bus-
  • Mararikulam does not have a bus stand.  Since its just 4 km near to the highway connecting Kochi to Alleppey, if you are coming by a local or interstate bus, you can alight any of the below buses stops on the highway.  You can get three-wheeler auto (tuk-tuk) to go to your resort or the beach.
  • Mararikulam Kalithattu Jn – most idle stop.
  • Kanjikuzhy Jn – in case the bus does not have a stop at Kalithattu Jn.
3) Kochi airport to Mararikulam-

The nearest airport to Mararikulam in Kochi(Cochin) airport which is 74kms and it takes 2hrs drive on normal traffic. The most suitable option to reach the beach is in a taxi car which may cost Rs 2200 for 3 adults.  You can also come from the airport to Mararikulam by Bus or Train.  On reaching Kochi airport, you need to go to Aluva Rly station or Bus stand to get a train or bus to Marari. Aluva railway station is around 15 km.

4) From Kochi city or Ernakulam-

Ernakulam is 50 km and it takes almost an hr drive by car. The easiest way to come to Marari is by a private taxi which costs you Rs 2000 for 3 adults.  You can also get a bus from Ernakulam city bus stand or Vytila which goes to Trivandrum or Alleppey. Ernakulam is also having a railway station and there are frequent trains to Mararikulam.

5) From Alleppey to Mararikulam-

Alleppey city is 14 km from Mararikulam and it takes approximately 25 mins drive by a car. There is frequent local bus service available from Alleppey to Mararikulam and back. The easiest way is to hire a three-wheeler auto (tuk-tuk) or a taxi car.



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  1. Akash
    nice destination to visit for one day picnic

    i just visited this place and had a nice experience. must-visit place for family and friends for one-day picnic in kerala.

  2. Akash
    nice destination for one-day picnic in kerala for family

    i had a wonderful experience while visiting this beautiful coastal place in kerala. must visit destination for family & friends for one-day picnic.

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