Kayaking in Kumarakom Backwaters

Kayaking in Kumarakom Backwaters

About Kayaking in Kumarakom Backwaters

What you can expect from Kayaking in the Kumarakom trip?

Kumarakom is a small village located on the famous fresh water lake called vembanadu lake.  But the other side is blessed with the natural beauty of vast paddy fields, small and narrow canals, rivers and local villages.  Most of the houseboat tours are in the lake and it does not make a tour to small canals and villages.   Therefore, tourist needs to hire a shikkara or open boat to see some of the small rivers and canals.  But there are still some scenic village locations where only these kayak or canoe can make a trip.  Since kayak is a recreation activity, it can also be clubbed with sightseeing of Kumarakom villages. During kayaking, tourist can experience village life of the people, vast paddy fields, bird watching etc.

What you can expect from Kayaking in the Kumarakom trip?

Though Kumarakom is a small village located on the famous freshwater lake called vembanadu lake, the east side of Kumarakom is famous for vast paddy fields, rivers and canals, and local villages.   Kumarakom kayaking activity is to experience beautiful green paddy fields, narrow canals, and local villages on the banks of these rivers and canals.  This trip is for bird watchers also as lots of birds like little cormorant, egrets, and herons, Indian Darter, kingfishers, etc are all available in Kumarakom backwaters as Kumarakom birds sanctuary is located just 500mtrs from this place.

This 2 hrs Kayaking experience is the best activity for tourist who is looking to see Kumarakom backwaters on a lower budget. During the kayaking below are the places are included in the trip.

  • Kavanar River – the biggest river in Kumarakom.
  • Vast paddy fields in Kumarakom.
  • Backwater Villages in Kumarakom.

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What are the types of Kayak available in Kumarakom?

Though professional kayaking is an activity in Kumarakom, since most of the tourists are beginners and consider this as a recreational activity, only Sit-on-Top kayaks are available.

Should I have prior experience to go for a Kayaking in Kumarakom? 

No, you do not need to have prior kayaking experience to do a kayak.  Maneuvering of kayaks is very easy, what mainly the tourist should know is how to get in and came out from the Kayak. SreesTours has an experienced and licensed guide who will give basic lessons before starting the trip.  This will help the beginners to get into the kayak and paddle the same easily.  The basic lessons include on the below subjects.

  • Usually a kayak may flip when a beginner try to get into and out of a kayak.   The guide will give lessons as to how to get in and came out from a kayak.  
  • During this short training, he will also guide you how to hold your kayak paddle, maneuvering, forward and reverse stroke, how to stop and wearing a life jacket etc.


9 Most Important things you should know before starting or booking a Kayak in Kumarakom

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  • If you are a beginner and no prior experience, inform this in advance so that they will take care of you personally, provide the basic lessons before starting the trip.
  • Recommended to wear simple dress like half trousers and T shirts during kayaking as there is a high chances of getting your clots wet. Light weight nylon cloths are highly recommended. 
  • Shoes are not allowed to wear but you can keep the same inside, but again, it may get wet.  Therefore, while coming slippers is advisable and it can kept at the starting point. 
  • You should follow the instructions provided by the guide and wear the life jacket during the trip.  It is not allowed to remove even if you are a professional swimmer. 
  • Try to bring a pair of additional dress as it always wet during your trip. Changing rooms and washrooms are available at boarding place. 
  • Always recommended to avoid this trip during monsoon. 
  • In case you are doing this first time, book the beginners short 2hrs sunset or sunrise tour. 
  • Try not to carry or use mobile phone and camera during your activity.
  • Go recreational kayaking in group or join a group.

Which is the best Kayaking tour in Kumarakom and How can I Book? 

If you are a beginner and your idea of kayaking is just fun and entertainment or an activity during your tour to Kumarakom, a 2hrs recreational kayaking along with visiting some places is highly recommended.  This 2hrs tour you can choose different sightseeing options like sunrise tour, river and canal and local village tour etc.  But if you go for three or four hours of tour, you can see more interior part of the landscape, vast paddy and local village.   Some of the kayaking programme include a local village life experience tour also. Below are some of the best recreational kayaking tours for beginners and those who have an experience in this.  You can read, understood and book this by the given link. 

  • 2hrs  – Sunrise Kayaking. Experience sunrise in vembanadu lake, bird watching in bird sanctuary and kavanar river tour. 
  • 2.5hrs – Recreational kayaking with canal and village.  Kavanar river tour, narrow canal where local village located, paddy field and bird watching. 
  • 3hrs – Kavanar river tour, narrow canals, vast paddy fields, toddy tapping, local live breakfast with toddy included.

How Can I do Kayaking when I am staying in a houseboat?

As per the houseboat schedule, the boat is stationary from 1730hrs till the next day morning 0800hrs.   You can do kayaking from 6 am till 8 AM provided the houseboat is parked near the kayak starting point.

What is the extra service Srees Tours provides?

Pioneer in kayaking trip in Kumarakom since 20, 19 we used to provide below additional service to our guests.

  • Private washroom or dress changing room on demand. 
  • Clock room for private luggage.
  • Ensure the kayak is neat, clean and damage proof.
  • Always providing a guide. 

Kayaking in Kumarakom canals and village is an unforgetful and long-lasting memorable experience.  backwaters is an idle recreational activity since the lake, canals, and rivers are very calm and waveless water.



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