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Most travellers expect to look fresh while on a vacation but with the exhausting travel, long queues, road journeys and jet lags, it becomes impossible for them to look attractive and camera ready at all times. Although being comfortable and glamorous is every traveller’s dream yet this may take a little planning. The planning starts from your packing itself and if you pack the right travel accessories than you can ensure a trip on which you look amazing. Thus we try to list a few travel essentials for travellers that will guarantee you look the best to make your trip memorable.

16 Best Travel Packing Checklist to Carry While Travelling:

The first thing that you look for while packing is clothes. While on a vacation, the clothes need to be as comfortable as possible but if you also want to look glamorous than you can pack the following types of clothes:

Comfy and Glamorous Clothes for Traveller
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1. Bermuda Shorts: A pair of shorts are the sexiest yet the most comfortable thing to pack especially if you are visiting a beachy spot. Pick shorts in bright colours to get the best pictures.

2. Long Sleeve T-shirts: Tees are never out of fashion and are also the most comfortable pick for a traveller. If you are visiting a cold location, pick dark colours and choose the brighter one for a summery spot.

3. Long Trousers: Trousers are a man’s idea of formal and woman’s idea of stunning. Pick comfortable cotton trousers in nude colours to pair with any type of top to look cool and crisp at the same time.

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4. Few Beachy Essentials: Apart from your shorts, pack your swimsuits, tank tops, sarongs, hats, sunglasses, flip flops and wrap-around for your super beach day on your vacation. Not just they ensure comfort and fun but also ensure the best looks.

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Apart from clothes, it is important to pack a few beauty essentials listed below to ensure a fresh face and a great appearance during you holiday:

Beauty essentials list for Traveller
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5. Makeup Remover Wipes: Although applying makeup is a necessity on a trip but removing it is even more important as you do not want to get the harsh effects of left over makeup on your face say a pimple, on your trip.

6. Shampoo + Conditioner: The hotels provide complementary shampoos and conditioners but it is a wise idea to pack some of your own just in case. You definitely do not want to have a bad hair day on your trip and hair essentials will ensure that.

7. Hand Sanitizer Gel: Sanitizers are a real help especially if you are travelling with kids as they ensure your hands are germ free at all times in case you need an emergency stop at public loos or road side food joints.

8. Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush  Toothpaste as toothbrush are the last things you’ll pack if you leave in the morning but not packing them can be a real blunder as you do not want a bad breath until you buy a new one.

9. Deodorant  Along with bad breath, body odour can be equally embarrassing for you and you do not know how long you will have to stay without bath especially during a journey so do pack a deodorant.

10. Eye Shadow (Eye Liner): No matter how minimal your make up is, a hint of eye makeup will ensure you look great in pictures. So pack an eye shadow and an eye liner to get the best pictures.

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The quality of your trip these days is highly associated with the types of gadget you carry as they have become an important part of your vacation. Following are some travel accessories to pack for a trip:

Tech gadgets for Traveler

11: Digital Camera: Whether on a trek, a nature trip, a beach holiday or a wildlife safari, a good quality camera is your must have gadget to ensure you capture your memories perfectly.

12: Power Bank: A cell phone these days is an extension of a person’s identity and thus if its battery dies, you are in trouble. You do not want to stand in queues at a public socket to charge your cell phone. So do pack your power bank to have your Smartphone working at all times.

13: Fitness Watch and Tracker: If you are going on a trek or an adventure trip then packing an Fitbit activity tracker & Garmin fitness band are great idea as it would give you some hint about your activity levels to add excitement to your travel.

Along with the above, do not forget to pack the following extra travel gear that are important to ensure a hassle-free trip:

Extra Travel Documents for Traveller

14: Important Documents: Your passport, Visa documents, an ID card, your tickets and any other hotel or reservation bills should be kept along. Although most of these are available on your tablets and Smartphone but it is wise idea to pack a hard copy just in case.

15. Lock: If you leave your luggage on an airport for a railway locker room, then a lock is a good idea to ensure you are not anxious about your luggage during your trip as it comes handy in emergency situations.

16: Medicines: Medicines are a good idea especially if someone in your group gets nauseous during road travel or on altitudes. Rather than spoiling your trip due to your health, do pack in the essential drugs.

So the next time you plan an exotic trip or a safari, do ensure you pack the above travel accessories so that you create the best memories while looking your best.


What are the basic necessities while travelling?

The basic necessities while travelling include essential documents like passports and tickets as well as personal items such as toiletries and a change of clothes. Additionally, having a reliable mode of transportation and access to necessary funds ensures a smoother travel experience.

What documents are crucial for a smooth travel experience?

Ensure you have your passport, travel insurance, tickets, accommodation details, and any necessary visas well organized and easily accessible.

How can I protect my valuables while travelling?

Utilize a secure money belt or neck pouch, and consider photocopies of important documents while keeping electronic devices and chargers in your carry-on bag.