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Are you planning for Kerala monsoon trip? in this article, I will share interesting facts about monsoon tourism in Kerala that will help you plan a perfect Kerala package for this monsoon season.

Kerala is called a paradise for tourists because here you will experience pleasant weather throughout the year. June is considered as Rainy or Monsoon Season as the maximum rainfall in Kerala occurs during the month of June. Generally, tourists used to avoid the monsoon season while planning any trip but that is not true for Kerala. If you choose the perfect monsoon destination, you can enjoy Kerala at a very reasonable cost. The climate of Kerala during the monsoon season is very serene and scenic. There is not even a dust particle in the air; the complete atmosphere of Kerala is really clean and fresh.

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Mainly there are two monsoon seasons in Kerala, first one is Southwest Monsoon that comes in the month of June called as Edavappathy and the second one is the Northeast Monsoon that comes in the mid of October month called as Thulavarsham. During monsoons swirling, jostling, billowing the dark messenger of the life is sailing on the wings of northeast winds that offer a wonderful view to behold.

Is it best time to visit Kerala during monsoon season?

The short answer is “Yes”!

Monsoon is the best season to visit Kerala for tourists by considering various reasons. There is no incessant rain in Kerala that continues for weeks. Only a few hours rain with sunny interludes take place in Kerala.

1. Green Hill Stations

Munnar Hill Station in Monsoon
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The sun peeps through the wet palm fronds and the rain-drenched green gives outstanding views to the tourists. Monsoon gives an opportunity to see Kerala at its best due to the presence of various shades of green, orange and grey in the atmosphere. This is the best time to test your photography skills as Kerala offers many breathtaking moments that are worth capturing.

2. Best season for Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda during monsoon

According to the Ayurveda, Monsoon is a good time for rejuvenating therapies. As during Monsoons, the climate is dust-free and cool and at that time the pores of the body can be opened to the maximum so your body will become more receptive to the herbal oils and therapies. In Kerala, Ayurveda is not only the health care system; it is a part and parcel of life. Ayurveda in Kerala is in the lifestyle of the Keralites. Ayurveda gives you the best results during the Edavapathy time because at this time climate is very conducive.

3. Festival Season in Kerala

Pulikalli Onam Festival in monsoon

If you love exploring culture of Kerala, monsoon season can provide you an opportunity to experience the biggest festival of Kerala; Oman. It is 10 days of Carnival generally celebrated during August – September month.

4. Sound of Rain!

Sound of Rain!
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Though, throughout the year throng is always high in Kerala but monsoon season is considered as an ideal season to explore Kerala. The real beauty of nature can only be best viewed in Monsoons. Tourists can avail many amazing pictorial moments and food during the monsoon season. Due to this high crowd, SreesTours launched best Monsoon Kerala Packages in order to enjoy this God’s own country in best possible ways. Special Ayurevda deals on rejuvenation therapies are also available during the monsoon season which has lasting effects. SreesTours invites all tourists to visit  Kerala in Monsoon season and enjoy the God’s own country.

5. Amazing Waterfalls

Beautiful Waterfalls in Kerala during monsoon

There are amazing falls in Kerala for everybody especially couples who want to enjoy the most gorgeous views like Athirapally Waterfalls, Vazhachal Waterfalls, Thommankuthu, Nyayamkadu and many more. Beautiful waterfalls and amazing surroundings can easily keep one entertained for hours.

Get Best Deal on Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages:

As monsoon is considered as off-season for tourism in Kerala, you will get best deals on hotels, taxi, houseboat or on entire monsoon package. Here you will also see less crowd at famous tourist places and can enjoy fullest during your trip to Kerala.

Today, monsoon tourism in Kerala is gaining more popularity year after year as at this time tourist can explore the intrinsic beauty of Kerala with a feel of adventure. So, whether you are a nature lover, foody, or health conscious monsoons will be the best time to visit Kerala. Moreover, local traditional dishes are so famous in Kerala. This season is highly recommended to the potential tourists for enjoying the lush green beauty of Kerala.

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Thejas