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Kerala is said to be a replica of heaven on earth. Be it summer, winter, or late rainy season; it has always been the right choice to plan holidays in Kerala with booking your suitable Kerala Tour Package. With an abundance of natural beauty, extended beaches, rising hills, descending waterfalls, and exotic culture accompanied by luscious cuisines. Here we are going to know about the guide on travel Thekkady as well as the best places to visit in Thekkady.

Kerala has won the hearts of tourists across the world. Much has been talked about Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey, and Kochi; the so-called tourist-centered destinations in Kerala. This time my write-up takes you to the best places to visit in Thekkady.

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Approximately 2297 ft. above sea level; you happen to visit a place in Kerala named as Thekkady. No matter who you are; an adventurist, a holidaymaker, a wildlife explorer, or a nature lover; Thekkady will welcome you with open arms. In fact, if all the city life chaos is been troubling you for so long; then visiting Thekkady to witness nature in its beautiful way would surely re-energize you. While in Thekkady, you can witness the elephants walking beside the untouched lakes and rivers in Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary.

The feeling of boating in the lake and walking in the spice gardens within fragrant air is truly divine. If there doesn’t seem enough to you then a chain of lush green mountains, exquisite cascades, and nature’s appeal to give you a restful experience will for sure make you fall in love with Thekkady.

17 Best Thekkady Tourist Places:

Thekkady is blessed with some most beautiful sceneries of the jungles of the western ghats. The unending chain of hills with scented spice plantations along with tea, coffee, and cardamom is very delightful for tourists. Now let’s explore some amazing places to visit in Thekkady the beautiful hill station of Kerala.

1. Chellarkovil – Among The Best Waterfalls in Kerala

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It is located 11 km away from Kumily, bossing far-fetched views of the plains and flowing waterfalls. The best time to visit Chellarkovil is between September to May. Feel delighted while watching the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset with the help of a telescope placed here.

2. Pandikuzhi – Waterfall in Thekkady  

One of the places to visit in Thekkady is Pandikuzhi which is 5 km away from Thekkady. It is rich in flora and fauna. It gives a countryside feeling. There are beautiful waterfalls making tourists visit the place for a picturesque capture. It has become a famous picnic spot over the weekends. 

3. Mangala Devi Temple – Historical Place in Kerala

Mangala Devi Temple: Historical place in Kerala
Image Source
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Profoundly inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve, a 1000 years old temple of Mangala Devi is situated. The temple is well-known for its Pandyan structural design. The boundary walls and the ladders to the temple are made up of vast pebbles. To visit Mangala Devi temple, receiving prior consent from the wildlife warden of Thekkady is compulsory. 

4. Parunthumpara – Scenic Place in Kerala

Parunthumpara - Scenic Place in Kerala
Image Source

It is a village in the Idukki district. The word Parunth in the native language stands for Eagle and Para means Rock. Thus, it is named Parunthumpara i.e. Eagle Rock owing to a large area around like an Eagle. Simply reachable through the tapered Ghat road from Kallar Junction, Parunthumpara is a hill station known for its rambling prairies where people can relish some discreet moments, away from the hubbub of the urban life. Parunthumpara is one of the best places to visit in Thekkady which you shouldn’t miss at all.

5. Periyar Lake – A Popular Thekkady Attraction

Periyar Lake - One of the nost Popular Thekkady Attraction
Image Source

This Periyar lake is situated in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, this lake was shaped by the assembly of the dam crossways the Mullaperiyar River in the year 1895. The lake itself balances impeccably into the scenery of the county. It is a key part of the reserve’s ecosystem that wharfs earthly, marine, and subterranean life forms. It aids as a major basis of water for the wildlife and also consists of numerous trivial isles laterally its path.

6. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – One of The Primary Places to See in Thekkady

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary - One of The Primary Places to See in Thekkady
Image Source

Periyar wildlife sanctuary is the unspoiled model of nature’s lavishness with abundant charming beauty and ironic biodiversity. It is reflected as the most secure area for the elephants and the tigers. The trees here are completely grown-up at the wonderful tallness of up to 130-140 feet. Capture the picture of freely moving Dole, Gaur, Indian Wild Dog, Mouse Deer, Sambar, and Wild Pigs. Periyar national park is a complete package of sights and sounds.

7. Spring Valley Mountain – Lesser Known Place in Thekkady

Spring Valley Mountain is a famous Thekkady tourist place that provides a splendid view of Periyar National Park. It offers splendid photography scenes. The Spring Valley Mountain is known as Kurisumala by the natives meaning cross hill. The place is rich in pine forests and tea plantations. Tourists come to visit viewpoints of Karikadu and Kaithapathal. The Thekkady travel guide suggests visiting the waterfalls of Palozhukum Para and Vellappara Waterfalls to enjoy nature at its best.

8. Ramakkalmedu – Sightseeing Place in Thekkady

Ramakkalmedu - Sightseeing Place in Thekkady
Image Source

1066 meters above the sea level on the Western Ghats stands Ramakkalmedu. The main reason behind this name says that when SitaMaiyaa was kidnapped by Ravana while searching her Shri Ram Ji kept his feet here, and hence this place is called Ramakkalmedu. The wind here blows at a speed of 35 km/hour, which is supposed to be logged as a maximum in Asia. Therefore, the place is known as the land of wind. Avoid visiting here in monsoons.

9. Murikkady – Famous Place for Hiking in Thekkady

The spice plantation of Kerala is famous for paragliding, trekking, and hiking activities. Murikkady, a Thekkady sightseeing place is a photographer’s paradise. It is rich in coffee, ginger, clove, vanilla, cardamom, pepper and turmeric plantations. It is a popular picnic spot. A boating expedition in Murikkady is a steal to experience for. 

10. Anakkara – Lesser Known Place in Thekkady

Anakkara, Kerala 

Anakkara is a small village and the best place to visit in Thekkady in 1 day in Kerala. It is situated in the Idukki district. It has amazing waterfalls and spice plantations to observe. Tourists visit Sabarimala temple, Suruli Falls, and Parunthumpara Hill Viewpoint. Anakkara allows a tourist to enjoy the rustic life of a villager. The climate is apt for trekking and picnic. It is lush green with many sightseeing options to explore. 

11. Pullumedu

Pullumedu is one of the picnic places to visit in Thekkady with family. It is situated next to the river Periyar and surrounded by hills. It is known for green meadows, flora and fauna. Pullumedu is famous for religious celebrations. Tourist attractions include Sree Ayyappa temple and Makara Jyothi. The place offers camping options. Tourists must have a jeep to reach Pullumedu as it comes under a restricted forest zone. Special permission from Thekkady Wildlife Preservation Office or Vallakkadavu Range Officer must be taken to visit the forest zone.

12. Peermade – Picnic Spot in Thekkady

Peermade, kerala

Peermade with its spectacular waterfalls makes tourists places to visit in Thekkady in 2 days. It is one of the less-explored hill stations of Kerala. It has spice plantations with tea, coffee, cardamom, rubber, and pepper plantation. The pine forests make it a perfect picnic spot. The region is associated with the family of Travancore. One of the attractions is the palace during the reign of Travancore. The place provides ample opportunities for trekking, horse riding, cycling and hiking. 

There are many special attractions and places to visit in the Periyar side are Hills like Memala, Peeru Hills, and Vagamon with Karandakapara Hills, Kalthotti, Grampi and Parunthupara. Visit waterfalls such as Nallathanni, Panchalimedu, and Valanjamkanam. Tourists visit St. George’s CSI church, Thrissanku hills, Kuttikkanam, Parunthupara, Amrithamedu, Panchalimedu, and Madammakkulam

13. Gavi – Beautiful place in Thekkady

Gavi - Beautiful place in Thekkady

For all the wildlife lovers, Gavi brings wildlife watching activities for the tourists. Gavi is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve makes it a wonderful experience to be visiting the place. There are outdoor camping facilities that this location offers. The best time to visit Thekkady’s Gavi is from November to March. The visit is made through and through with a jeep. 

14. Tea and Spice Plantations in Thekkady

Image Source

The tea and spice plantations in Thekkady are fascinating plantations to walk in. As a variety of spices are nurtured in diverse segments of each plantation, you get to know a lot while you are having a walk. Cardamom is a major spice grown here. Besides you get to see pepper, gum, vanilla, coffee, and tea plantations. You can also buy the spices and tea-coffee from here at reasonable rates.

15. Tea Factories around Vandiperiyar Town:

Image Source

The calmly flowing River Periyar through the city of Vandiperiyar has made the land here perfect for the cultivation of tea. Hence while your visit to Vandiperiyar, you get a chance to see a huge number of Tea Factories located in and around the area. 18 km from Thekkady; this area is a must-visit if you are a true tea lover.

16. Vandanmedu:

27 km from Thekkady, this place is supposed to be one among the major sale centers for cardamom. A walk in the estate, relishing the smell of cardamom will be the most delightful experience that you will utterly get here. Traveling to Vandenmedu means to travel back to the history of this place. Everything in Vandenmedu shows glimpses of its history. You can see here a settlement register, which used to keep records of that time. Some other buildings in Vandenmedu were also used as the administering offices of the cardamom plantations.

17. Vandiperiyar – Major Trade Center for Tea and Coffee:

Image Source

Vandiperiyar is a beautiful town in Idukki district which is 18 km from Thekkady, this place is the main trade center for tea, coffee, and black pepper. This is the main reason for the number of tea factories situated here. This town is very famous among the tourists the main reason is during the visit, you can head to the Flower Garden and Government Agricultural Farm, where an array of rose plants, orchids and anthuriums will offer you an eye-pleasing sight. You can also witness the Lion-tailed macaque also known as wanderoo.

Things to do in Thekkady:

When you are in Thekkady, it is recommended to go for an Elephant Ride. A visit to neighboring villages to know about the tribal communities, the culture of Kerala, taking a peaceful walk in the spice plantations and boating will add to your senses. You can also go on Jeep Safari to explore the jungles around.

Best Time to Visit Thekkady:

Planning winter holidays in Thekkady would be the wisest decision. Thekkady is one of the best places to visit in Kerala during Winter. You can visit here anytime in between October to February would be good to visit. June to September marks the monsoon season thus it would also be the best time to visit Thekkady. Although planning summer holidays in Thekkady would also not be a bad choice.

Things to buy from Thekkady:

The list of the best things to buy in Kerala is wide. Though buy Spices, Tea and Coffee, Cashew Nuts, Banana Chips, Aroma Oils, handmade Jewelry, and KasavuMundu from Thekkady as souvenirs. There are other things such as Coconut Coir, Aranmula Kannadi, Kerala Handicrafts, etc. that could be the best gifts you can buy from Kerala for your loved ones.

If you are struggling with the number of leaves to be taken from work then planning a weekend trip to Thekkady would also be a good idea. Pack your bags and plan a trip to Thekkady now.