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Kerala is nicknamed as one of the 10 paradises of the world and well known for its eco-tourism initiatives. This wonderful place of south western part of India is listed in the top 10 heavens of the world.  Kerala is a most desirable destination and tourist love to visit here in order to enjoy lot of picturesque beauties of Kerala. Kerala tourism is getting popularity due to its blissful beauty of natural resources and it is famous for its serene look. The unique culture and traditions of Kerala also play an important role in making this place more charming and delightful. This green land has unique geographical features that make it different from rest of the world.

Kerala is an excellent place to get over from the stressed routine life and for the refreshment. Keralian beauty can be best shown in its fantastic Backwaters, astounding Hill Stations, sensuous Beaches, beautiful Pilgrims, amazing Waterfalls, marvelous Monsoon, colorful Art & Culture and many more. Let’s see how these beauties can best deliver their charm:

#1 Kerala Backwaters

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kerala backwater houseboatThe lovely backwater is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations, crowded with the nature lovers as well as avid travelers. The slow water waves of Kerala backwaters will really take you away from your hassled life. Some of the most popular backwaters of Kerala are Alappuzha, Kochi, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kozhikode and Trivandrum Backwaters which possess their own beauty and exquisiteness. The scenic beauty of Kerala Backwaters offers lots of picture capturing moments like amazing sunrise and beautiful sunset. This beautiful hotspot will give mind-blowing relief to your soul and you will feel close to the God for sure. Your journey to Kerala Backwaters will be the best retreat ever in your lifetime.

#2 Kerala Hill Stations

munnar-hillstationThe Western Ghats of Kerala Hill stations are lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. These hills are one of the most demanding destinations for the honeymooners because the moderate cool climate and the lush green natural surroundings create the feeling of love. These hills are blessed with various varieties of flora and fauna that will be the natural treasure home for the tourists. In the long chain of exotic Kerala Hills Stations, Munnar Hills is the most visited and considered as paradise for travelers. Kerala hills offer the most enthralling experience of nature as the refreshing mountain air, awesome sight views, and the profusion of beautiful flowers make these hills as ideal for living in the abode of nature.

#3 Kerala Beaches

Varkala beachKerala Beaches is called as the finest beaches of India and considered as an excellent alternative to Goa. These exhilarating beaches have major tourist’s attraction both for the Indians as well as foreigners. The clear blue water under the smiling sun offers a memorable experience throughout the life. Delicious sea food cuisine is another most highlighting part of these beaches. The incomparable cleanliness and the peaceful atmosphere of Kerala Beaches will surely give you long-lasting memories of experiencing best seaside sojourn. Kovalam Beach, Fort Kochi Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Cherai Beach, Varkala Beach, Bekal Beach, Kappad Beach and many others are the beautiful beaches of Kerala.

#4 Kerala Pilgrims

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Kerala offers number of pilgrimage places including many ancient temples and shrines. These pilgrim centers are spread all over the length and breadth of Kerala, even remote places of Kerala are also crowded with many pilgrim centers. The capital city of Kerala i.e. Thiruvananthapuram is recognized as the city of temples that covers hundreds of beautiful sacred temples. As Kerala is the land of Yoga and meditation so the pure and pristine atmosphere of Kerala creates the divine mood of praying and invoking the almighty. Many temple festivals and other religious ceremonies play an important role in making this state as religious state. Kerala is a unique land where every religion is equally important and celebrated in harmony. Some of the popular destinations of pilgrim centers are Attukal, Guruvayoor, Maramon, Sabarimala, Chottanikkara, Malayattoor, Bharananganam, Parappanangadi, etc where thousands of people worship their deities. Devotees from all over the world come to this pictorial coconut country and enjoy the amazing temples of Kerala.

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#5 Kerala Waterfalls

Athirappally waterfallsKerala is known for its breathtaking beauties and the role of gorgeous waterfalls cannot be denied while explaining Keralian beauties. Kerala has irresistible charm due to its cascading and enchanting waterfalls. The bewitching sights of these waterfalls offer eternal power to your soul and infuse freshness to your tired mind. The sparkling views of the beautiful water streams add-ons the Keralian charm. Athirapally, Vazhachal, Thommankuthu, Palaruvi & Tusharagiri are the important waterfalls of Kerala. The picturesque locations of waterfalls and the green landscape are the best for various water sports activities.

#6 Kerala Monsoon

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Monsoon is considered as prime time to experience the magical beauty of Kerala. The best part of monsoons is that, the rain may go on for more than a day but you will experience amazing warmth of sunshine. No doubt, it is a most pleasurable moment when you enjoy sun and the wet palms at the same time. The incredible fragrance of beautiful greenery and wet mud offer you immense pleasure that’s why this season is considered as best time of the year to visit this wonderful state. So, in order to get best glimpse of Kerala, then plan your Kerala trip during Monsoons.

#7 Kerala Art & Culture

Kerala is called as well cultured state of India, having unique culture and art. Particular folk dances and varied art forms are just can’t be defined. This rich cultural heritage attracts tourists from all over the world. Kerala portrays the beauty of culture and art which clearly shown in some of best dance forms and martial arts which are generally performed in festive time of Kerala. Kerala is the only state in India which has innumerable art forms. The colorful costumes and outstanding make-up make their cultural events more spectacular. Kathakali is an art form of Kerala even called as pride of Kerala, in which dance, music and drama is duly synchronized. Apart from Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Koodiyattam, Ottanthullal, Chakiarkoothu and Pathakam are the other important art forms of Kerala.

#8 Kerala Food

kerala foodKeralian food is highly influenced with the coconut and spices play an important part in all Kerala cuisines. Hot and spicy food of Kerala includes lip-smacking chutneys and pickles. Usage of oil, sugar, artificial additives are quite less due to health aspect as peoples of this state are very health conscious. Sadhyas is a traditional food of Kerala and the staple food is rice. Sadhyas is a vegetarian meal served with boiled rice and complemented by payasam which is a sweet milk dessert.  As per custom, Sadhyas is served on banana leaf. Other traditional dishes of Kerala include Sambar, Aviyal, Theeyal, Kaalan, Thoran, Appam, Injipully, Pulisherry, Kappa, Puttu, and Puzhukku. The cuisine of Kerala offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The coconut oil is an essential ingredient in most of the food items of Kerala.

Kerala is called as heaven on earth and no wonder if we say it is one of the top most visited destinations of all over the world. The picturesque beauty of Kerala is garnished with the supreme daze of the natural beauty. In short, the alluring and magnetic beauty of Kerala best defines the supernatural beauty of nature. Tourists will get 100% Tourism Satisfaction while visiting Kerala. Truly, Kerala is a journey to remember for a long time.