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This article is been published by Srees Tours; a leading online travel agent located in Kumarakom, Kerala. It is been published for those looking for Kerala tour packages from Goa.

Activities to do in Kerala

How to Reach Kerala:

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You can reach Kerala by train or flight from Goa.

  • By Flight: There is no direct flight from Goa Airport to Kochi (Cochi) Airport. All the flights re-routed via Mumbai or Bangalore. Sometimes it takes almost 5-6 hours by flight and most of the cheapest flights lands Kochi airport by evening. Those who like to book flights directly can look at below web sites for cheapest prices.

Details of web sites offer cheapest prices.

#1: Make My Trip : It offers Rs.800* cash back on Goa to Kochi flights. Then, there are various others offers like hotels available on discounted rates, air tickets available on least possible price and combo of hotel rooms and flight tickets at economical price.

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#2: Yatra : By downloading Yatra mobile app, you can get  500 OFF on your first domestic flight booking which you can use in booking your flight tickets.

  • By Train: Those who are looking for a train journey to Kerala have many options available. It takes almost 15 – 16 hours to reach by train to Kerala. The boarding station is called Margoa(MAO) and the derailing station is Ernakulam (ERS) in Kerala. Below is the schedule of the trains available from Goa.
Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Dist.




Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Class
22150 PUNE ERS SUP EXP MAO 07:20 ERS 22:20 850 15:00 Y X X Y X X X 2A 3A SL
16311 BKN KCVL EXPRES MAO 09:30 ERN 00:45 847 15:15 X X X Y X X X 2A 3A SL
12432 TRIVNDRM RJDHNI MAO 14:45 ERS 04:10 850 13:25 Y X Y Y X X X 1A 2A 3A
12618 MNGLA LKSDP EXP MAO 20:40 ERS 12:00 850 15:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A 3A SL
12218 KERLA S KRANTI MAO 22:35 ERS 12:55 850 14:20 X X X Y X Y X 1A 2A 3A SL
16345 NETRAVATI EXP MAO 23:40 ERS 14:30 850 14:50 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A 3A SL
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Ernakulam to Goa:

Train No. Train Name From Departure To Arrival Dist.




Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Class
12617 MNGLA LKSDP EXP ERS 10.45 MAO 01.25 850 14.40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2A 3A SL
12202 LTT GARIB RATH ERN 12.50 MAO 02.10 847 13.20 X X X Y X X Y 3A  CC
16346 NETRAVATI EXP ERS 14.05 MAO 05.50 850 15.45 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  2A 3ASL
19261 PORBANDAR EXP ERS 14.35 MAO 04.05 850 13.30 X X X X X X Y 2A 3A SL
12977 MARU SAGAR EXP ERS 20.05 MAO 11.30 850 15.25 X X X X X X Y 1A 2A 3A SL
12224 ERS LTT DURANTO ERS 22.30 MAO 12.35 850 13.05 X X Y X X X Y 1A 2A 3A


Booking of Train Tickets:

book railway ticket

One can log on to Indianrail.gov.in for booking tickets. The reservation of seats for all classes starts 120 days prior. Most of these trains are overbooked during season and holidays; therefore it needs an advance booking for a comfortable journey.

Foreign nationals who are looking for short notice travel have a couple of options available. The first one is a couple of seats available for foreign nationals in each railway stations. To avail this facility, one can approach Reservation Manager at respective railway station. Second option is reservation tickets available through Tatkal. This is available for all citizens of India and foreigners also. It starts at 10 A.M. one day prior and this facility is available from the reservation counter of each railway station and through the website IRCTC.co.in as well.

The best-suited travel class in train for foreigners is 2A or 3A, which is completely air-conditioned. Sleeper Class is non-air-conditioned.

Best Kerala Tour Package from Goa:

Goa is famous for its sandy beaches. Those who are looking for Kerala Tour package from Goa have well familiarity with the sandy beach of Goa therefore, while designing Kerala tour packages, some good destinations except beaches is highly recommended. Destinations covering Munnar – Hill station, Periyar Wild life sanctuary in Thekkady, Alleppey Backwaters, Kumarakom Houseboat, popular beaches of Kerala etc. can cover in a minimum of 5 days. For those who look for a couple of days more can cover Kumarakom also. Below are the two ideal tour packages.

#1: 4 nights and 5 days Tour Package – Munnar, Thekkady (Periyar), Houseboat.

#2: 5 nights and 6 days Tour Package – Munnar, Thekkady (Periyar), Kumarakom, Houseboat.

Travel Tips:

  • During November to January whose who have plans to travel to Munnar should have light warm clothing.
  • Shopping – All spices, tea, /coffee should buy from Thekkedy (Periyar). The rates are cheaper than Munnar. Kerala is a consumer state and everything is being brought in for sale. Therefore, souvenirs are the best available buy in Kerala.
  • Those who have altitude or high range sickness that leads to vomitting during the road journey should carry adequate medicine as Munnar and Thekkedy have Ghat roads.

Kerala is one of the famous holidays destination in India. It is famous for backwaters, hill stations, beaches, waterfalls, culture and traditions. Planning to go Kerala for holiday vacation? Kindly contact us here to get more information about Kerala tourism & tour package.


Which month is best for Kerala?

The best time to visit Kerala is during the winter months of December to February.

Which language is spoken in Kerala?

Malayalam is the Most Spoken language in Kerala.

Which is famous in Kerala?

Kerala is famous for a backwaters, lush landscapes, Ayurvedic practices, Kathakali, diverse wildlife, and vibrant festivals.