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Kerala is mainly known for its backwater and hill stations. Apart from this natural wonders Kerala owing too many beautiful cities like Thiruvananthpuram, Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur, etc. Here we will get to know about one of the coastal cities of Kerala and that is Kannur. Kannur is very famous for its beaches, hill stations, and ancient temples. It is also a beautiful place for adventure trekking. let’s have look at some enchanting Kannur tourist places.

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Places to Visit in Kannur

Tucked in the southern tip of India, Kannur spreads its charm as a beautiful coastal city in the state of Kerala. Formerly anglicized as Cannanore or Portuguese name Cananor, this city holds a rich and glorious past of being an ancient trading port, the bucket of immense natural beauty and seat of the marvelous palaces and the significant colonial monuments. Here we have listed the 10 most amazing tourist places of Kannur and also guided for things to do in Kannur.

1. Paithalmala – A Hill Station in Kannur District

Image source: Wikimedia

The alluring charm of Western Ghats is at its peak in the Paithalmala or Vaithalmala. Paithalmala is well known Kannur Tourist Place. People come here to take the experience of trekking. Paithalmala hill station is Tucked up at an altitude of 4000 feet, the place is ideal for nature lovers. This hill station is considered as one of the beautiful hill stations of South India as well as Kerala

  • Things to do in Paithalmala – photography, relaxing, nature watch, Trekking
  • Entry fees – NA
  • Best time to visit Paithalmala – November to February
  • Attractions of Paithalmala – waterfalls, mountain peaks, soothing weather, natural beauty
  • Specialty of Paithalmala – rich biodiversity
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2. Palakayyam Thattu – One of the Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

Palakayyam Thattu is a piece of paradise for the ones seeking for relaxing environment amidst the natural settings. Tucked up at 3,500 feet, the place is admired for its virgin beauty and panorama.

  • Things to do in Palakayyam Thattu – trekking, photography
  • Entry fees of Palakayyam Thattu – NA
  • Best time to visit in Palakayyam Thattu – September- June
  • Attractions of Palakayyam Thattu – hillocks, waterfalls, meadows

3. Taliparamba – Divine City of Kannur

Image source: Wikimedia
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It is a divine city of Kannur adorned with incredible ancient temples, churches, and mosques. These things make Tariparamba one of the popular Kannur tourist places. Apart from its religious importance, the town also holds immense natural beauty and is also famed for its spice production.

  • Things to do Taliparamba – Visit religious centers, hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and Kooveri
  • Best time to visit in Taliparamba – July to March
  • Attractions in Taliparamba – the setting of religious centers amidst the natural beauty with perfect harmony

4. Ezhimala – Among the Seven Peaked Mountain in Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

Call it as Elimala, Mooshika Sailam or Sapta Sailam or Monte d’Eli and Mount Delly or Mount Eli, this hill has never failed to seek the attention of the spectators. Possessing great historic and religious importance this hill has also made a great tourism destination for ages. 

  • Things to do in Ezhimala – visit Ezhimala beach religious centers, photography
  • Entry fees – NA
  • Best time to visit Ezhimala – September- June
  • Attractions of Ezhimala – Indian Naval Academy, stunning natural setting

5. Muzhappilangad Beach – Drive-in Beach in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

When you are looking for Kannur Tourist Places, A unique and most talked about the attraction of Kannur is the Muzzhapilangad Drive-in Beach. This beach is only drive-in beach in Kerala As the name suggests, this 4km long stretch of sand makes the longest drive-in beach of the continent. This thrilling adventure is the one that keeps on pulling the tourists all year long from over the globe. To add to the beauty and the serenity of the place is a hidden island named Dharmadam Island. It makes a perfect private gateway spot.

  • Things to do at Muzhappilangad beach – swimming, paragliding, parasailing, powerboating, and catamaran rides, gobble Blue mussel seafood and other local delicacies.
  • Entry fees of Muzhappilangad beach – NA
  • Best time to visit at Muzhappilangad beach – September to March
  • Attractions of Muzhappilangad beach – Black rocks, hidden island, drive-in shore
  • Specialty of Muzhappilangad beach – Only Drive-in beach in India

6. St Angelo’s Fort – Historical Place in Kannur


Driving for 3 km from the city center takes one to this serene place. The construction of this historic fort dates back to 1505 by Portuguese. This fort is considered as one of the historical places of Kerala. The fort is famed for delivering the stunning views of the Mappila Bay and Dharmadom Island in the backdrop. Also one can adore the beauty of the mighty sea and the beautiful sunset from this iconic fort. The place is truly a masterpiece for the history and architecture buffs. The elegance and unaltered power of this fort is what keeps attracting the tourists from across the world

  • Things to do at St Angelo’s Fort – appreciate the architecture, learn the history of the place, photograph the rare panorama of the area, visit a nearby lighthouse
  • St Angelo’s Fort Entry fees – NA – but INR 20 charged as parking fees
  • Best time to visit St Angelo’s Fort – winters months are best for Kerala trip
  • Attraction of St Angelo’s Fort– Incredible architecture and captivating views
  • St Angelo’s Fort Timings – 8 am to 6 pm

7. Payyambalam Beach – Major Tourist Attraction of Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

Travel for 2 km from Kannur city to reach this serene place ornamented with sparkling golden sand. The clean and soothing beach lined with palm and coconut trees gives perfect gateway goals to the tourists. The unique and the most attractive thing about this beach is the small crossover bridge, which is constructed over a narrow canal to approach the mainland. The head-turner here is the life-sized statues of the influential political leaders of the state

  • Things to do in Payyambalam Beach – boating, swimming, horse riding, staying in resorts and many other adventure activities, visit the memorial of the political leaders, praise the beauty of the sculpture- ‘Mother and child’ by Kanai Kunhiraman
  • Entry fees – NA
  • Best time to visit Payyambalam Beach – September to February
  • Attractions of Payyambalam Beach – crossover bridge, a memorial of the political leaders
  • Speciality of Payyambalam Beach – a serene and relaxing mood of the place

8. Peralassery Temple – One of the Ancient Temples in Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

This sacred temple of Kannur is known for its unique phenomenon of pleasing and worshipping the snake god. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Subramania with shrines for many other gods. People do visit this famous temple of Kerala when they are on a religious tour of Kerala.

  • Things to do at Peralassery Temple – Get special prasad
  • Peralassery Temple Entry fees – NA
  • Best time to visit Peralassery Temple – September- February
  • Attractions of Peralassery Temple – Ancient pond is known for its incredible architecture, metal idols of snakes all over the temple premises
  • Specialty of Peralassery Temple – known to cure snake related illness or Doshas
  • Peralassery Temple Timings – 4 am–12:30 pm, 4:15 pm–8 pm

9. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park – Popular Tourist Place in Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

Housing over 150 different species of reptiles, this adorable park was established to educate the local people about the varieties and nature of the reptiles. The varieties of reptiles and the inclusion of the endangered species are enough to keep one captivated and mesmerized through the journey.

  • Things to do Parassinikkadavu snake park – exploring and learning about the reptiles and amphibians
  • Parassinikkadavu snake park Entry fees – below 5 years: free, 6-17 years: INR 20, Above 17 years: INR 30
  • Best time to visit Parassinikkadavu snake park – September to February
  • Attractions of Parassinikkadavu snake park – King Cobra
  • Specialty of Parassinikkadavu snake park – preservation, protection and fostering wildlife, One Of the Finest Snake Sanctuaries in Asia
  • Parassinikkadavu snake park timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

10. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – Only Wildlife Sanctuary in Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

Sprawling over 55 sq. km of wildland, Among many Kerala wildlife sanctuaries, this wildlife sanctuary is a must-visit place in Kannur due to plenty of good reasons. A wide array of wildlife, species of vegetation, handsome collection of butterflies, the opportunity for trekking and camping, the inclusion of a peak and a fall in the area itself are all that makes this place worth visiting.

  • Things to do in Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – trekking, camping, exploring wildlife
  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Entry fees –  Adult: INR 15/ person, Children (Below 12 years): INR 7/ person, Foreigners: INR 150
  • Best time to visit Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – March to June
  • Attractions of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – Butterflies and birds exclusive to western ghats
  • Speciality of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – wildlife
  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary timings – 8 Am to 6 Pm

These aforementioned places are too less to describe the real beauty and charm of Kannur. Visit this adorable city yourself and do tell us about your experience and recommendations about the tourist places in Kannur. Happy Travelling!!