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Honeymoon is the most memorable time for every couple. Couples want to make it more and more romantic trip with their companion.  Sometimes it will become a toughest task for the newly married couple as lots of dreams are incorporated with their first honeymoon. They want to cherish each and every moment with their better-half. In India, lots of places are available but the selection of which one will be the best is really hard nut to crack.

kerala honeymoon destination

Let’s talk about Kerala. In Kerala, couples will get every color of romance. Kerala is blessed with plenty of mind-blowing locations that will surely induce the feeling of love. The unique beauty of Kerala makes it one of the top honeymoon spots.  This land of paradise offers you many superb attractions for the honeymoon couples like lovely Backwaters, sensual beaches, amazing hill stations and many more.

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Every newly married couple dream for an unforgettable Honeymoon period and they have two choices first is to go abroad and the second is to go Kerala. In India, Kerala is the best Honeymoon destination, where tourists from all over the world come for their honeymoon. It is a perfect combination of natural beauty and serenity that will surely make you crazy. Kerala is one of the most charming places, located in the southern region of India. The most amazing fact is that Kerala covers all tourists’ attraction. So it’s not wrong to say that Kerala is a beautiful glittery diamond of India’s ring.

Reason why Kerala Favorite Honeymoon Destination for Couples:

1. Kerala Backwaters:

The exotic backwaters will offer you unique feeling of amazements. Many Kerala Backwaters are available that offer splendid experience to the honeymoon couples. Houseboats are the best way to enjoy the alluring backwaters of Kerala.

2. Kerala Hill Stations:

Kerala has numerous hill stations that are perfect for the Honeymoon. These hill stations include Munnar, Ponmudi, Vagamon and many more that attract major portion of couples. Kerala hill stations are enriched with the natural landscape.

3. Kerala Beaches:

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The beauty of Kerala Beaches creates the optimum ambiance in the honeymoon couples. The enchanting Kerala beaches can be said as an ideal place for your Honeymoon vacations. Delicious sea food will add in the pluses of various attractions of Kerala Beaches. The famous Kerala Beaches include Alleppey, Kovalam, Kozhikode, Fort Cochin and many more.

4. Kerala Houseboats:

Houseboats are said as luxury five-star hotels on water. You will get all the essential amenities in these houseboats. The wonderful floating in the world of water gives you long-lasting memories of your Honeymoon.

The exotic and romantic locations of Kerala make your honeymoon more special. Amazing Beach resorts and sunrise/sunset photo-capturing moments, tremendous waterfalls and many more things will make your honeymoon memorable.

Honeymoon Places in Kerala

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Kerala, a southern state in India is bestowed with plenty of tourist destinations that make it an amazing honeymoon destination. From the mesmerizing backwaters to the tea plantations, from the enchanting hills to the lovely beaches, there are many places in Kerala, perfect for newlyweds. Here is a look at some of the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon places in Kerala.

1. Munnar: Most Popular place for Couple

Munnar - Most Popular place for Couple

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon, look no further than Munnar. This beautiful hill station is also the best place to visit in Kerala during summer for couples and enjoy relaxing quality time. Temperatures in Munnar rarely exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect place to escape the heat and enjoy some cool mountain air. In addition, with its lush green landscapes, lovely waterfalls, and close proximity to nature, Munnar will definitely create lasting memories for you and your partner.

  • Best Time to Visit: December to February
  • Activities to Do: Hiking, biking, bird watching,  elephant safari, ayurvedic massage, and scenic drive through the winding roads of the Western Ghats.
  • Water Adventure: Bamboo rafting, river crossing, boating

2. Trivandrum


If you want to spend your honeymoon in a place that is rich in culture and natural beauty, then Trivandrum is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala for you. The city offers a unique blend of traditional and modern experiences, and there is something to suit everyone’s taste. From stunning temples and palaces to beautiful beaches and lush national parks, Trivandrum has it all. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the scenery or explore everything that the city has to offer, Trivandrum is one of the ideal honeymoon places in South India.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Activities to Do: Visit temples, explore nature in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Go boating and fishing in Neyyar Dam, rediscover history in Napier  museum, enjoy local shopping, skydiving, and paragliding
  • Water Adventure: Boating, scuba diving

3. Thekkady: Honeymoon Destination in Kerala

Thekkady - Honeymoon destination in Kerala

Thekkady is one of the best honeymoon spots to visit in Kerala. The place has beautiful scenery, with its lush greenery, mountains, and rivers. It is also home to a variety of wildlife, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. Thekkady also has a number of activities to keep couples busy, including elephant rides, trekking, and boating. So if you are looking for a romantic and memorable honeymoon, Thekkady is the perfect place for you.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Activities to Do: Nature walk, tribal heritage walk, elephant safari, jeep safari, spice shopping
  • Water Adventure: Boating, bamboo rafting

4. Alleppey: Romantic Place

Alleppey - Romantic place

Alleppey is well known for its beautiful backwaters. It is one of the romantic places in Kerala where you can spend quality time with your new spouse. From a houseboat, you will be able to see the sights and enjoy the tranquility of the area. You can relax on the deck, take in the scenery, and even go swimming or fishing. The staff will take care of all your needs, so you can just focus on enjoying each other’s company. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Alleppey is the perfect destination.

  • Best Time to Visit: November to February
  • Activities to Do: Cruising in the backwater, visiting ayurvedic center and spa, shopping for handmade artifacts, exploring the taste of traditional Kerala cuisines
  • Water Adventure: Kayaking, zorbing, motorboat riding, jet skiing

5. Kovalam: Romantic Place in monsoon

Kovalam - Romantic place in monsoon

Kovalam is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. With its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and rich culture, Kovalam has everything you need to make your honeymoon unforgettable. In addition, there are various activities to keep you busy, from exploring the local markets to taking a boat trip to see the dolphins. So why not add Kovalam to your list of must-visit destinations for your honeymoon? You won’t regret it!

  • Best Time to Visit: November to February
  • Activities to Do: Capture the scenic beauty from lighthouse, enjoy houseboat cruising, rejuvenate yourself with ayurvedic treatment, and spend leisure time at the sea beaches
  • Water Adventure: Surfing, motorboat ride, parasailing and scuba diving

6. Kochi


Kochi’s natural beauty is breathtaking. The city is located on the edge of a beautiful harbor, and its streets are lined with palm trees and brightly-colored flowers. In addition, Kochi is home to a number of scenic parks and beaches. The city’s buildings are designed in a variety of traditional styles, and many of them are adorned with intricate carvings and paintings. Kochi has everything you could want for a romantic getaway.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Activities to Do: Exploring historical landmarks and colonial neighborhoods, taking a sunset cruise on a houseboat down the backwater, and enjoying all sorts of delicious meals
  • Water adventure: Scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking, and banana boat ride

7. Wayanad


Wayanad is a beautiful place located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is known for its unspoiled natural beauty, which makes it the perfect destination for a honeymoon. The lush green hills, pristine waterfalls, and dense forests offer a serene and romantic setting for couples. Wayanad is also home to a variety of wildlife, which can be enjoyed on safari tours or treks through the forest. For those who want to explore the region’s rich culture and history, there are a number of ancient temples and caves to visit. With so much to see and do, Wayanad is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some quality time with your partner.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to April
  • Activities to Do: Exploring the caves, trekking, camping, tree house stay, cycling, ziplining, hiking, river dipping, shopping for handicraft items, antiques, and handlooms.
  • Water Adventure: Bamboo rafting, boating

8. Idukki

Idukki - Best place for Honeymooners

Idukki is a perfect honeymoon destination if you are looking for a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is blessed with natural beauty that will definitely make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience. It offers breathtaking views that will definitely leave you spellbound. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of nature, gorgeous tea plantations, scenic hills, and sandalwood forests.

  • Best Time to Visit: November to February
  • Activities to Do: Jungle safari, boat ride, trekking, hiking, nature walk, paragliding
  • Water Adventure: Kayaking, bamboo rafting

9. Kumarakom

Kumarakom - Best place for romantic couples

Kumarakom is a beautiful place for a honeymoon. Here the weather is perfect for having a romantic getaway and the scenery is stunning. There are plenty of romantic things to do, such as taking a cruise down the river or going on a nature walk. Kumarakom is also a great place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. So, if you’re looking for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon destination, Kumarakom is the perfect place for you.

  • Best Time to Visit: September to March
  • Activities to Do: Houseboat ride, birdwatching, trekking, lakeside strolling, fishing
  • Water Adventure: Banana boat ride, kayaking

10. Poovar Island

Poovar Island

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? If so, consider Poovar Island in Kerala. This hidden gem is the perfect place to relax and enjoy quality time with your partner. From scenic beaches to luxurious resorts, Poovar Island has everything you need for a romantic honeymoon. Plus, there are several activities to keep you entertained, from exploring the backwaters to taking a cooking class. So if you are searching for a memorable honeymoon destination, add Poovar Island to your list.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Activities to Do: Boating, cruising, enjoying the sunset from a lighthouse
  • Water Adventure: Motor boat cruising

11. Vagamon

Vagamon - Honeymoon place in Kerala

Vagamon is the perfect place for a honeymoon. The misty hills, lush green meadows, and peaceful lakes create a romantic atmosphere, and there are plenty of activities for couples to enjoy. This hill station always has a moderate temperature and can be the perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon even during the summer season. The place is blessed with a never-ending line of lush green hills, magnificent ravines, and meandering rivulets.

  • Best Time to Visit: June to September and March to May
  • Activities to Do: You can go trekking together in the stunning Western Ghats, take a boat ride on Lake Periyar, or visit the picturesque tea plantations. You can also soak up the sun or go for a swim.
  • Water Adventure: Kayaking, rafting

12. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach - Best romantic beach

Varkala beach is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic getaway. The beach is situated on a cliff, so you’ll have stunning views of the Indian Ocean as you sunbathe or take a stroll along the shore. You can also find plenty of restaurants and cafes in Varkala, so you won’t have to go far to find a romantic spot for dinner. And if you’re looking for some excitement, there’s also an opportunity to go paragliding off the cliff! Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Varkala beach is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Activities to Do: Enjoy a bird’s eye view fo the surrounding, Arabian sea and the coastline from lighthouses. You can also engage into various water sports. Enjoy sunbathing, and the spectacular vies of sunrise and sunset while at the sea beach.
  • Water Adventure: Jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride

13. Marari Beach

Marari Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that has it all, look no further than Marari beach. With its gentle waves and sandy shores, Marari is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some quality time with your new spouse. But that’s not all this beach has to offer. Marari is also home to a variety of shops and restaurants, making it the perfect place to find a souvenir or grab a bite to eat. And because it’s located in Kerala, you can also enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery and take part in its rich culture. So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-packed vacation, Marari beach is sure to please.

  • Best Time to Visit: September to May
  • Activities to Do: Have a lazy relaxed day on the deserted sandy beach.
  • Water Adventure: Sea surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, deep sea fishing

These sweet memories of Kerala will force you to plan your honeymoon again in Kerala. It is a most acclaimed and widely accepted place for honeymooning couples. Every couple cherishes the beauties of Kerala and wants to avail them again and again in their lifetime.

Image Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/junnn/


1. Which is the best place to visit in the summer for couples in Kerala?

Munnar and Vagamon are the best places to escape the heat during summer and enjoy some cool mountain air.

2. How much does the average honeymoon cost in Kerala?

While there is no definitive answer to how much an average honeymoon in Kerala costs, we can give you some ballpark figures to help you plan your budget. A basic room in a comfortable hotel will cost around Rs 3,000 per night. If you want something luxurious, expect to pay Rs 5,000 or more per night. Add on meals, activities, and transportation, and you can easily spend.

3. What is the minimum price for honeymoon resorts in Kerala?

The minimum price for a honeymoon resort in Kerala would depend on various factors such as the season, location, type of resort, etc. In general, the prices of resorts in Kerala start from around Rs. 7,000 per night and can go up to Rs. 25,000 per night during the peak season (December to February). However, you can find some good deals and discounts if you book in advance or during the off-season (March to November).