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The Holiday season is on its way and Christmas and New Year bells are ringing. Unlike every year you must be planning your holidays with your family and friends on the land; somewhere on beaches, mountains & hills, jungles, resorts, palaces and many such. How about planning coming holidays amid blue sparkling fresh and flowing ocean/sea/river? Can you imagine a holiday on cruise? From sunrise to sunset and twinkling stars; each of your holiday moments would be beneath the blue sky and above the blue water. A cruise in India! Yes, with Costa Cruises Asia now you can have holidays even in India with family and friends in the water.

From complete board to inboard events, sports and wellness amenities, not to remark evening and night-time amusement, a Costa Cruise take in all you could solicit from a holiday. To make your time on board and aground even more extraordinary, there are many additional facilities to select from. Let’s take a dive into the blue water.

Details of the Cruise:

Duration3 Nights
To7:00 AM
FromCochin (India) at 6:00 PM
Departure DateDecember 13, 2017


Day 1Departure from Cochin (India) at 6:00 PM
Day 2Cruising
Day 3Maldives at 7:00 AM (stay on the ship for night)
Day 4Maldives


Charges: For Adults: __________

Charges: For Kids: ____________

How to Book:

There are two ways to book your holidays with Costa Cruise.
1. Visit: http://www.costacruise.com
2. Call us at +86 (21) 5351 9509

Here is what all you can have at the cruise.

#1  Entertainment:For your complete entertainment the Costa Cruise has planned for games, competitions, quizzes, treasure hunt, theme parties, karaoke, and much more. Don’t worry your kids will not be bored here. The cruise staff has planned for them as well. From age group of 3-6, 7-11, 12-14 to 15-17 there are different activities for all to keep them entertained.


#2 Fitness: The gymnasium, multi-sport pitches, jogging track would help you in not disturbing your fitness routine even on holidays. With the trained gym instructors you can also join aerobics, stretching, dance exercises, step aerobics classes.


#3 Food and Drinks: From coffee in the morning to breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and buffets all at your service. You would be served meals besides the pool and lip-smacking dinners at the eatery. Each day you have the choice of a comfortable taste to eat at the buffet, or a more customary dinner in the core restaurant.


#4 Relaxing Hours: Ofcourse, you can use the pools and Jacuzzis on the outdoor swimming pool, sun recliners and beach towels to soothe your body. The library and card room are always ready to welcome you.

samsara spa

#5 Rooms aka Cabins: All our cabins offer each luxury you require for an enjoyable stay. They are equipped with private bathrooms and bathing products, air conditions, phone, cable radio, satellite television and lockers. The cabin is cleaned every day and all bed sheets and towels you require is provided and changed on a regular basis.


Besides above facilities you are also served in your respective cabins with room service staff (T&C applied). You can avail the beauty salon, Samsara Spa, Yoga classes and spend time in gaming clubs. The cruise also has shops, boutiques and photographer at your service and it offers you washing and ironing services. The Wi-Fi is made available everywhere on board and Internet Point. A wide collection of bottles of wine, shiny wine and champagne, to rejoice any distinctive occasion in elegance is made ready for you.

Wrap Up:

For long you have been spending holidays on land, this time sail in the cruise and have a memorable holiday for lifetime with your friends and family.

Happy Sailing.