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Lakshadweep Islands is a union territory and governed by United Government of India. Lakshadweep Islands covering 32 square kilometer surface area. Lakshadweep bounded with so many heart-throbbing natural bounties that cannot be defined in just few words. One can only experience by witnessing the magnificence of this place. The natural aqua marine waters, rich flora and fauna, sun kissed beaches, many more beauties of this place give you interminable relief from your boring routine life.

The amazing marine life, multi colored corals and deep oceans offer indefinable relaxation to your eyes.  To treasure the beauty of oceans one must have to dive deep and smack coral reefs. Really Islands of Lakshadweep offers an emancipation feel to the visitors.  Here you will feel the sense of freedom and enjoy the life without any trepidation. The rhythmic waves of the water, gazing of sinking sun, colorful corals and many more scenic moments will rejuvenate your mind.lakshadweep Islands

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The unparalleled beauty of Lakshadweep Islands endowed with the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Though you can visit Lakshadweep at any time of the year but the best time will be during the months of September to May. This island offers many exciting and adventures sporting activities like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and many others. The cool and fresh winter air makes your visit more gratifying. It is one of the best tourist location and tourists from all around the world visit Lakshdweep Islands. Climate of Lakshadweep Island is same throughout the year but mainly has humid tropical climate. Let us know about the weather of Lakshadweep under different seasons:

  • Winter: In winters (December to February) temperature generally ranges from 20°C to 32°C. The cool winter atmosphere is an ideal time to relish this dazzling place. The cuddling cool winter breeze and the pleasant seawater grip you to stay here for the long time. Tourists also enjoy the lovely sunset time here.
  • Summer: In summers (March to May) the temperature ranges from 22°C to 36°C. At this time temperature is mild hot so considered as a best time for the water sport activities. In fact, this period is favorable for the all types of tourist activities.
  • Monsoons: In the months of June to August, heavy rain falls, strong blow of winds are common in Lakshadweep Islands. The weather is pleasant in monsoons and considered as a best time to observe the greeneries. So all the nature lovers and photographers are ready to avail the eye catching natural beauties of Lakshadweep during monsoons.
Lakshadweep Islands
Lakshadweep Islands

Final Thought:

Generally summers are not too hot and winters are not too much cool so you can visit here at anytime. Monsoon season is also called as an enjoyable time to cherish the immaculate beauty of nature.  But in the month of October and November Lakshadweep Islands has most pleasant weather condition so said as most favorable time for all types of visitors. These months are very good for enjoying your holidays to the ultimate level so hurry up plan your Lakshadweep Islands trip now. Lakshadweep Islands are the most splendor and spectacular Islands of the world where you can enjoy your holidays with your dear and near ones. The overwhelming beauties are fringed with the stunning beaches that will surely stay long in the visitor’s mind.


Which climate is best for Lakshadweep?

The best climate for Lakshadweep is during the winter months (November to March).

Which Month is best for Lakshadweep? Unlock Best Deal on Kerala Tour Package Now

The best month for visiting Lakshadweep is typically during the winter season, from Winter (Oct to March) .

What Language is spoken in Lakshadweep?

The primary language spoken in Lakshadweep is Malayalam.

How many days required to visit Lakshadweep?

Five days are sufficient for a visit to Lakshadweep to explore the islands and engage in activities.

What is the Budget for Lakshadweep trip? Unlock Best Deal on Kerala Tour Package Now

The budget for a Lakshadweep trip typically starts from ₹23,000 per person.